Friday, September 26, 2008

Fort Snelling - St. Paul, MN

So Gerd and I went to Ft. Snelling. It's a historical fort in Minneapolis that served some military purpose. There was a 17 minute-long video (shot in the early 80's) which was supposed explain the history and purpose of the fort, but fell sadly short. Honestly, it was the life of random guy in the army back in the time of Colonel Snelling and it basically showed NOTHING about the fort being built, rebuilt, use of, or modernization of the thing. Seriously what I got out of this movie was that there were airplanes flying in the background back in the 1800's and a creepy soldier could talk to small boys and everyone seems fine with it.

The reason I'm writing about this particular trip is because there are people dressed in period attire sitting in various rooms of the fort to answer questions about churning butter, or cooking over a hearth, or being Mrs. Snelling, etc. So Gerd and I were in one of the rooms checking out the bunk beds in the barracks where they sleep head to foot in each bed - FOUR per bunk bed. Then we hear, from the next room, the lady say "Some of the soldiers wore these tard hats." So I start cracking up and we move closer to the door between the rooms, so I can hear more. Then the lady says, "Those hats are the rejects." So we casually stroll into the room to see these tard hats while I try super hard to contain my laughter. It was then that I realized the lady was saying the hats were actually covered in tar to make them water-proof. So indeed the hats were tarred.

What a buzz kill. I still kept laughing through the rest of the tour. And then I got a photo of an airplane flying over the fort (just like in the early 1800's) to complete the day.

Fortunately, we checked out free passes to the fort from the public library (brilliant idea), or I would have been really mad at being led to believe there were special hats for retarded people.

Top 5 things about Fort Snelling
1. Tard Hats
2. It was free with help from the public library
3. The video had us laughing for hours
4. Musket demo (why does that sound dirty all of a sudden?)
5. Super modern bathroom in the basement of a rustic building

Bottom 5 things
1. LARP-ers
2. The video had us laughing for hours
3. Didn’t get to eat food from the hearth cooking demo
4. Got lost trying to find it
5. I hope these reenactors have real jobs

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