Friday, September 30, 2011

Nestle charge – from Brazil

M.Giant scored me some delicious candy from Brazil while he was there. And by “there”, I mean at a Brazilian steakhouse in Hopkins, MN for his anniversary dinner. He got a bunch of candy that came straight from Brazil. I’m going to review a bunch of the stuff he gave me. This is only the first of a handful I swiped from the foreign-language-candy-box.
The Nestle charge bar (yes, it is lower case) is described as “bombom de chocolate recheado com amendoim caramelizado” – yeah, Bombom. I, of course, translated it so I knew what it meant (because I’m a nerd). It translates as “bonbon of chocolate stuffed with caramelized peanuts”. Sounds delicious to me!

First bite…. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. The nougat (maybe the bonbon part) is really bitter. And gross. The chocolate is pretty waxy stuff, which is odd for me to say, since I love cheap chocolate. I could taste the caramel, but honestly, I’m not even sure I got more than one peanut in this thing. It didn’t make me want to charge at all.

Falha dos doces. This means “Candy Fail” in Portuguese.

It’s a good thing Brazil has soccer. Their chocolate candy isn’t going to put them on a world stage or anything.

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4rx said...

It looks delicious and you did a great review about it. It is the first time that I read that someone made a chocolate review.