Sunday, October 2, 2011

La Sevillanas Cajeta Filled Cone – from Mexico

M.Giant scored me some delicious candy from Brazil while he was there. And by “there”, I mean at a Brazilian steakhouse for his anniversary dinner. He got a bunch of candy that came straight from Brazil. I’m going to review a bunch of the stuff he gave me. This is only one of a handful I swiped from the foreign-language-candy-box.

The La Sevillanas Cajeta Filled Cone, as it turns out, is not actually from Brazil, upon further study of the package. It’s from Mexico. For those that don’t know, Mexico passes a lot of things off as candy. They will dip a plastic spoon they found on the road into some chocolate, let it harden, and they’ll sell it as candy. Just like the Chaca Chaca, this doesn’t inspire high hopes for this thing.
I unwrapped multiple packages of cellophane wrapping to get at this thing, but what you have is an ice cream cone filled with caramel. Sounds pretty simple. This one didn’t sound half-bad. I was wrong.
The cone is soft and stale and flavorless. I wanted to actually like this one. And I’m thinking a fresh cone would do wonders for this thing. The caramel isn’t top notch or extra smooth or anything, but it’s tolerable. But the cone isn’t. It actually ruined the whole thing. I’m not a fan of this cajeta filled cone.

But for the record, these cones are exponentially better than the Chaca Chaca was.


cherry bomb said...

i feel really sorry for brazilian kids. no wonder they celebrate day of the dead- halloween candy would suck! i think sally struthers should do an infomercial to get these kids some decent candy

Chao said...

Exactly right, Cherry Bomb! Though, I'd still probably change the channel if I saw Sally Struthers trying to round up money for another group. It's a terrible travesty they are dealing with down there. hahahaha

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Those "cajetas" are delicious! I would like to know if someone it's selling this 'cause I definitely buy some of this.

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