Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La Sevillanas Mini Oblea Con Cajeta De Leche De Cabra – from Mexico

(M.Giant scored me some delicious candy from Brazil while he was there. And by “there”, I mean at a Brazilian steakhouse for his anniversary dinner. He got a bunch of candy that came straight from Brazil. I’m going to review a bunch of the stuff he gave me. This is only one of a handful I swiped from the foreign-language-candy-box.)

The La Sevillanas Mini Oblea Con Cajeta De Leche De Cabra, like its brother the Cajeta-filled cone, is not actually from Brazil, upon further study of the package. It’s from Mexico. For those that don’t know, Mexico passes a lot of things off as candy. They will dip a plastic spoon they found on the road into some chocolate, let it harden, and they’ll sell it as candy. Just like the everything else I’ve eaten from this “care” package, this doesn’t inspire high hopes for this thing.

I unwrapped the cellophane wrapping around this disc-like object, and what laid in my hand made me start laughing. This is a Jesus-wafer. …As in, the Holy Eucharist found in most Catholic Churches – something people of Mexican descent take very seriously. Until now. I’m not kidding. This is a Jesus-wafer-sandwich with caramel on the inside. Someone was actually sitting in Mass one day and thought to himself/herself, “I bet I could make these flavorless wafer things really bitchin’ if I slapped some cheap caramel in the middle and made a sammich (or torta, in Spanish).” Brilliant plan. Poor execution.

The wafer, like everything else wafer-like in Mexico, is soft and stale and flavorless. I tried to like this one, but I absolutely couldn’t. The caramel is that realllllly cheap stuff that isn’t smooth, nor does it have a good flavor, but I’m sure wouldn’t be useful as some sort of industrial building material. It’s barely edible. I’m not going to be a big promoter of these Mexican candies, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve somehow angered M.Giant and this is his Minnesotan passive-aggressive revenge.


M. Giant said...

Did I forget to tell you that BuenaOnda brought these candies up from Mexico in May? I might have forgotten to tell you that.

online pharmacy said...

I remember when my grandma cooked a recipe called "Cajeta De Leche De Cabra" what delicious recipe my friends !

Annie said...

You are so funny!! But I love the Jesus wafers haha!!