Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lindey’s Prime Steak House – St. Paul (or Arden Hills), MN

If you’re in the Twin Cities and want that old school steak house feel, you really should give Lindey’s a shot. It’s been around a really long time and, from the looks of things, it hasn’t changed much since it opened (with the exception of them adding in a fire sprinkler system, once safety was invented around the 1980’s). It’s got that old wood paneling on the walls and ceiling and it just feels north-woods-homey inside.

They keep things simple at Lindey’s. The menu is probably the most simple I’ve seen. There are four items on it. Three steaks and one grilled shrimp dish. The server brings over a large sign that’s on a post and sets it next to your table to help you decide. Do you want steak, steak, steak, or shrimp? With each meal ordered, you get a salad with homemade dressing, unlimited garlic bread, what they refer to as “greaseless hashbrown” – smashed red potatoes, and pickled watermelon rind. Oh wait, there IS another menu item – sautéed (in 2 pounds of butter) button mushrooms for the entire table. Which our table DID order.
Guess what I ordered? A steak. Lindey’s Special Sirloin. I read on a sign in the lobby that if you want to order your steak medium or medium rare, you should pay the one dollar extra and get the special steak. I have no idea what the difference would be, but I went for it, so I like a pink steak. I also go t an Old Fashioned, since it seemed like the right atmosphere. The Old Fashioned is VFW-level ratios of 90% booze, so be ready for that. And it was delicious. Not too sweet, not too much bitters, just right.
The steak is served table side and cut in front of you. So, it comes in one giant, baby-sized slab, and then they cut it into four pieces – each person gets two large pieces. Like, two 8-12 ounce pieces. Extremely generous portions put on your molten hot plate to ensure your steak stays warm. Also, I’m sure the entire steak is coated in butter, which is always a plus. Regardless, the steak is extremely delicious. The char on the outside is outstanding and the meat doesn’t have any gristle at all. It’s an amazingly good steak.
The greaseless hashbrowns are cooked red potatoes that are smashed and then covered with some amazingly salty seasoning that makes you unable to stop eating them. The nice thing is that if you run out, they bring you more. They’re quite impressive.
The garlic bread is cut into many small pieces. Plenty of butter and garlic salt on them. Delicious (and fight-inducing).
The button mushroom have also been sautéed in multiple pounds of butter (sense a theme here?) and are great. There’s a huge mound of them, so they truly are for the whole table. You can put them on your steak or just pop them in your mouth. There’s no wrong way.
They also have a sort of palate cleanser – watermelon rind that has been pickled. I’m not sure the origin story of this particular thing, but I’ve never had it before. I think overall, the table was split half and half on who liked this thing. It’s got a pickled beet texture and some of the brine associated with that. So if you like pickled beets, which my mother-in-law and I definitely do, you’re really going to like this sweet treat.
After the meal, they do have some different cheesecake options from Muddy Paws Cheesecake Shop. We got the turtle cheesecake and were pretty happy with that. I’ve been meaning to make it to Muddy Paw’s store, but I haven’t yet.
We ended up taking home four to-go containers with steak, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and mushrooms home. There was enough steak left over that we made steak fajitas the next day, and still had a huge chunk of steak left over for the following day. It’s an impressive amount of food, honestly. Now that we’ve actually be inside the place and know how good it is, we definitely will be back. It isn’t talked about widely, but if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.
Also, of note, during the lunch hours, they have a few other things on the menu, like a hamburger. Hahaha. I think that’s the only addition, but you can also order that if you really need to during dinner. It just amuses me that THAT is the additional item they do at lunch. Probably so people don’t fall asleep at work by eating 32 ounces of steak during the workday. Just go here. Please. And you can thank me later for telling you about it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In Bloom – St. Paul, MN

For those that don’t know, there’s a new indoor marketplace on St. Paul’s West 7th area – called Keg & Case. Think of it like an upscale Midtown Global Market. There are some fancier and niche-ier shops and food vendors there, as well as a really good brewery upstairs, and a higher-end “anchor” restaurant called In Bloom. D.Rough and I got reservations there for lunch, since it would save us a few pennies, even if it had a slightly more limited menu. We’re glad we got reservations since they do get pretty busy on weekends. 

Our server, Dan, was great. I’m sure we had had him as a server at some other previous restaurant, but neither of us could pinpoint it, however. He made sure we were well taken care of. We started with some fun cocktails, since that’s one of the things we’ve heard people mention about this new place. D.Rough got a House Gimlet and I got a Prince of Wales. D.Rough’s was very good and tasted like other Gimlets I’ve had. 

Mine had brandy, Madeira, orange curacao, and cava in it. So it tasted like BOOZE. Loved it. Also, I was surprised the beer menu didn’t contain any beers made by the brewery upstairs, but maybe they’re working that out. In the future.

Everything on the menu sounded delicious, but we finally decided on the cockles (basically clams or mussels, if you don’t get all scientific and genus-y on my non-biology brain) and the roasted mushrooms. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what we ordered. The wait wasn’t long at all and the place was full, so we were pretty happy with that. The cockles arrived in a bright yellow corn cream sauce with some guanciale (which we love), and cornbread crumbs on top. The cockles themselves were delicious, but the corn cream sauce was outstanding. Brilliant. We were about three seconds from licking the bowl clean when the server showed up. He said we’d be surprised how many people don’t drink/eat/sop this incredible liquid up. Fools.

The roasted mushrooms were also fantastic. There were multiple kinds of mushrooms roasted (I’m positive the mushroom come from the fancy mushroom shop also residing in the Keg & Case market) and then also decorated with medium-sized potato dumplings. They were all sitting in a rich and earthy mushroom cream sauce, as well. I know it’s weird, but we were quite thrilled with this dish. Don’t be scared of it, friends.

We had finally narrowed (with Dan’s help) what we were going to eat for our main meal – Cavatelli pasta with Venison Ragu, and an order of American Wagyu Beef. D.Rough talked me out of ordering duck hearts or venison tartar, but there’s always next time.

The cavatelli was a perfect al dente and wasn’t dough-y at all. The venison ragu was good, although the venison could have been a tad less cooked for my taste – but I know how I like my venison cooked and I understand there are rules with restaurants and serving not-fully-cooked meats. It does, however, make me want to try this at home sometime… The whole dish had a light coating of SarVecchio Parmesan cheese on it which gave it a nice salty pop, as well. This dish was pretty great and I’m glad we tried it.

The America Wagyu was good – great, in fact. It was extremely tender with very little fat/gristle. Great flavor and served with a sear on the outside and some pink on the inside. Perfectly cooked. It had some roasted chestnuts, Cipollini onions, and a few pieces of bacon in a nice sauce, as well. Really a good dish. The only reason I didn’t rave about this is because I’ve had Japanese Wagyu and the American version simply doesn’t stack up, especially for the price you pay for either of them. Again, a great piece of meat here at In Bloom, but I’ve had the real thing and now I’m super snobby and can’t take a step backwards. Hahaha. My apologies for my snooty attitude. I’ll try harder.

We knew we needed dessert, and even though the thing that D.Rough was not available this particular day. We went with something called a Chocolate Cremeux. It’s a little difficult to tell what is when they bring it out, but it’s because there’s an inch-thick layer of whipped cream on the top. That covers what appears to be some sort of delicious sugary macadamia nut brittle or praline (we think). And then THAT is covering a nice thick layer of chocolaty fudge at the bottom. The whole thing is fantastic, and I’m glad they were not serving the thing that D.Rough wanted. Hahahaha. KIDDING!

While this might not be an “every night” sort of place for us (it’s pricey), we really did think it has something special. The ambience is great. The service is great. The food is great. The open kitchen that you can watch is great. The cocktails are great. Pretty much everything is great. Definitely worth the trip!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Lucky Cricket – St. Louis Park, MN

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of all things “tiki”, so when I heard Andrew Zimmern was going to open a tiki bar in the West End Shops, I was pretty excited. Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of Andrew Zimmern ,though I respect what he’s done to make people think outside of the box when it comes to food. So when he made some, at the least, culturally insensitive, and at worst, wildly racist, it didn’t thrill me to go to his new restaurant. But, everyone that knows me knows I like tiki bars, and were bound to ask me how it compared to other tiki bars, so I felt obligated to have some sort of reference point.

I went at lunch on a day I had off work during the week. It wasn’t packed, but I still grabbed a seat at the bar. I like to watch bartenders make tiki drink because there’s definitely a skill to it. I took a look at the menu at all the delicious-sounding tiki rinks and finally ordered Lucky’s Path – it’s got rums, apricot, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, and lime. Sounds delicious, right? I was crushed to watch the guy turn around to the slurpee, pull a lever, throw a couple pineapple pieces in the cup, and hand it over. No mixing. No flare. No idle conversation. No skill demonstrated. Sigh. Disappointed.

But it tasted just fine.

I thought, since it was lunch time, I’d better grab some food. The menu has some fun items on it. But it also has a lot of plain things on it. I asked the bartender what the popular items were (since he clearly wasn’t busy slinging dranks, amiright?). Everything he said sounded pretty plain and boring. This is Andrew Zimmern’s place and he’s known for the crazy stuff. So I got a little adventurous and ordered the Hand-Cut Noodles. Then I decided that might not be enough, so I also ordered a bowl of pork fried rice. And then I also ordered another drink. One that didn’t appear to say anything about “frozen” on it.

The Tiki Reviver has rums, coconut, pineapple, lime, and some coffee liqueur. I’d love to see that being made. However, the bartender turned around, grabbed a cup, put it under a tap, pull the tap, fill the cup, throw in a couple of pineapple pieces, and set it down in front of me. Sigh. Disappointed.

But it tasted fine.

The noodles came out and looked pretty good. It was lamb with some cumin and bean sprouts  with noodles. Sadly, the cumin was really quite strong. Very strong. I ended up eating about half of it before I gave up. The noodles themselves were good, but the cumin drowned out everything else. Thankfully, the dish had some good spice to it, so I was thrilled with that, but the cumin did me in.

Fortunately, the fried rice was actually quite tasty. The best part of the entire lunch.

Overall, I was disappointed. I had really high hopes going in, especially about the tiki part of the place. But, the reviews that I’ve read were accurate: overpriced standard-tasting Chinese food with standard tiki drinks. The drinks either come from a tap or slurpee machine and the best food I ate was fried rice. Additionally, my lunch cost me $45.

I’d rather go to Psycho Suzi’s or Hunan Garden for my tiki experience in the Twin Cities.  Again, just my opinion.

Who knows? I may end up back there at some point if the owner’s comments don’t hurt business too much…

Monday, December 17, 2018

Pizza Karma – Eden Prairie, MN

I actually made it here on opening day. I’d been reading about this place for months now and a friend I was eating Indian food with (on Friday) reminded me it was opening the following Monday. I had the day off of work and convinced a few friends to join me – it wasn’t difficult. 

The place is in a strip mall three doors down from an Indian restaurant and grocery store. But it’s a completely different animal. It’s Tandoori-fired pizza topped with various Indian toppings. There are quite a few articles to read about this, so I won’t rehash all the details, but suffice it to say, the owner knows what he’s doing and intends to take this bigger than just a strip mall in Eden Prairie. It took us a while to decide what to eat, but we ended up splitting three appetizers and three pizzas to make sure we could get maximum coverage out of our visit. 

We ended up with the cayenne dusted crispy deep-fried okra fries (Served with a black salt and buttermilk sauce), stuffed potato cakes (served with golden raisin ginger sauce), and roasted smashed eggplant pate (served with naan) for our appetizers. Then, for our pizzas, we got a Chicken Kebab pizza, a Paneer pizza, and a Potato & Tandoor-Roasted Vegetable pizza.

A couple of us also got beers, since we weren’t going back to an office anywhere. The beer dispensing system is a thing of mystery. It’s got a magnet covering a hole in the bottom of the cup and when you set it on the dispenser, it pours the beer from the bottom-up. Magic.

The naan with the roasted smashed eggplant pate (which a certain unnamed member of our party referred to as “slurry”) was good. We all decided it needed a little more zing to the pate, but a lot of Minnesotans will be extremely happy with this – especially because it’s drizzled with clarified butter before it’s served. 

The Paneer pizza was quite good. The non-melting cheese cubes on top were really a treat when you bit into one, which is good because they were plentiful. There was a generous amount of peppers on the top of the pizza, as well. The tomato-fenugreek sauce on the top was different from any pizza sauces I’ve had, but definitely in a good way. A solid pizza overall. 

The cayenne dusted crispy deep-fried okra fries were one of the highlights of the meal. One of our guys doesn’t even like okra, but was ALL really liked these. They were almost hyper-fried. Like way past any fried okra I’ve had (and my family is from the south, so I’ve eaten my fair share of okra), but it made them little crispy chip-like things. Sooooo amazing, especially with the black salt and buttermilk sauce. And there’s a ton of them – just get these and thank me later.

The Chicken Kebab pizza was also good – and very similar to the paneer pizza (but with chicken instead of non-melting cheese). Lots of peppers and that delicious tomato-fenugreek sauce – like the paneer pizza. I’m not complaining, I assure you. I loved this pizza.

The stuffed potato cakes were stuffed with chili-spiced spinach green. I’ve had something this, somewhere else, but it wasn’t nearly as good as this one. Especially with this awesome ginger golden raisin sauce. A great appetizer. 

The winner of the day was the Potato & Tandoor-Roasted Vegetable pizza. It’s a good mix of roasted vegetables and has mango powder (which I can can’t even comprehend what that even is) and black salt. But the amazing part of this is actually TWO amazing parts: habanero harissa sauce and the fact that it’s served on potato-chili naan, instead of the plain naan that the other two pizzas were served on. It definitely had some zing to it and we all loved the heat. It might need a warning for Minnesotan’s who are spice-adverse. It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a while. I’ll be recommending this to tons of people.

Amazing job, Pizza Karma!! You’re nailing it!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

blk mrkt StP – St. Paul

D.Rough sent me an excited message about this BBQ place that was near our house.  This place is a giant custom grill on flatbed trailer. They’re open one day a week (Friday from 5-7pm) and take advanced orders (so they know how much to make and don’t waste anything). They also occasionally do guest appearances and cater events from time to time. You order from their website before Thursday night and the next day at 5, it’s ready to be picked up. It’s pretty ingenius!

During the summer months, it’s like a big party around their trailer (which I believe is parked in front of their house). People sitting in lawn chairs drinking beverages and eating picnic style all the things they’ve picked up from the BBQ trailer. During the winter months – which they say is actually one of their busy times since people want to pop by and grab something quick for the family on a Friday night – there’s less socializing, but the people working are still just as friendly and happy to see you.

The menu is pretty simple and set up on a website to purchase with a card online or pay in cash when you pick up your food. It’s a small menu with family sized portions, but it’s got all the really awesome items you’d expect:
  • Baby Back Pork Ribs
  • Beef Brisket
  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Pork Shoulder (both shredded and whole)
  • Beef Brisket (both sliced and a whole giant one)
  • Smoked Beans

I decided to get the Baby Back Pork Ribs and the Beef Short Ribs. Some people say it’s expensive, but it literally is the exact same amount you’d pay at a sit down restaurant – it just isn’t portion controlled for one person. It’s family style. It is very appropriately priced, in all honesty. Don’t listen to those complainers! Hahaha

The Baby Back Pork Ribs were delicious. Not falling off the bone (which means they’ve been steamed too long), but just the perfect amount of fight to them. You can get the bones clean on these ribs, but it chews like actual delicious well-prepared meat. There’s not really a sauce on them, although they’re juicy enough to make it look like a sauce. Just the perfect amount in my opinion. And a full rack looks really large when you see it up close and personal. Great work on these ribs!

The Beef Short Ribs were huge. We literally got two rib bones with a large amount of meat on them. The meat on these is crazy flavorful and the little fat that was on there was the melt-in-your-mouth kind, not the gristle-and-grease kind. Excellent bark on these, as well. These folks know what they’re doing. Immediately after D.Rough and I ate these things (well, ate half of them and saved the rest for the next day), I sent out a bunch of emails and FB messages about these things. They were really that good. I know people aren’t going to drive across town to pick up these ribs, but anyone in the Downtown St. Paul area, West St. Paul, South St. Paul, and even Mendota Heights could pick a Friday dinner up for the family and be reallllly happy with the results.

You won’t be sorry!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Kuma’s Corner (Original Location) – Chicago, IL

After a hard night of tiki-drinking, there’s no better place to go with a pounding headache than to a heavy metal bar. That bar also happens to serve the best burger in Chicago and one of my top 5 burger places I’ve ever been to. Let’s just say that between the black metal they were playing loudly over the bar speakers and the sitting-next-to-the-sun daylight streaming through the windows, it was a sunglasses-on sort of burger feast. I’m also amazed that I’ve never written about this place before. My apologies on not spreading the love. Sometimes you have to wait an hour or two to get a seat (literally), and other times, when you walk in right when they open, you get seated right away.

I could go on and on about Kuma’s Corner. It really is an incredible place. Don’t let the heavy metal part of this fool you. It’s an upscale burger place – Think caramelized pears, chicken strips, fried giardinera, crab cakes, whiskey soaked dill pickles, braised venison, or pork chops as toppings on a wonderful beef patty. THAT’s the kind of fancy stuff you get here. Most of the burgers and sandwiches are named after metal bands, which is fun for a guy like me. They also cater to vegans and vegetarians by offering substitutes to beef patties, like chicken breasts, and a few different non-meat substitutes that are apparently some of the best in the business. These folks support local bands and craft beers, and also give back to the communities they’re in. Each month, they have a new over-the-top burger that a portion of the profits go to some local charity picked by the staff. Really smart and HUMAN.

The menu always takes a while to go through, since everything looks incredible. They have mac and cheese, tons of burger options, other amazing sandwiches, and a few salad options. Then they have a large craft beer list. I’d always encourage you to check out the Burger of the Month, though. It’s sort of a thing there. This particular trip, I knew I needed to have it. It was called the Dillinger Escape Plan – a band I do NOT support for a number of reasons involving d-baggery on stage – and the proceeds were going to a good cause. This burger will blow your mind.

It’s a 10 oz beef patty on a bed of spicy potatoes O’Brien, monterey jack cheese, country fried steak, chorizo & poblano sausage gravy, a fried egg, and chives. It’s a wonderfully delicious mess.

D.Rough got the Sourvein – 10 oz beef patty covered in deep fried blackened chicken tenders, Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, Belgian waffle strips, maple syrup, and raspberry aioli. Brilliant.

We didn’t realize that both of us basically ordered brunch-style burgers. Also, neither of us had beer.

On the DEP burger, the chorizo sausage gravy was simply killer. It went so well with the chicken fried steak that it was insane. The fried egg drizzled everything nicely and cheese was a nice surprise every once in a while. Well done on this very special burger plate.

The Sourvein burger was a challenge to eat, due to its height, but was basically chicken and waffles on top of a burger. The raspberry aioli was a really well thought out touch and everything was magical. Loved this burger!

If you’ve never been here, you need to go. It’s so good they had to open up three additional locations to keep the crowds manageable. I haven’t been to any of the new locations, but they look cleaner and less dive-bar-style than the original one. But I’m guessing the food is just as awesome. I’ve got friends that live in Chicago that post about Kuma’s all the time and I’m always jealous. I was long overdue for a visit here and I’m glad it happened…even though I was ready for a nap and still had 6.5 more hours to drive back to Minneapolis…

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

3 Dots & A Dash – Chicago, IL

Most of you know D.Rough and I have a deep love for tiki drinks – think rum and fruit juice on a Polynesian island. We’ve tried to find a way to get to Chicago’s 3 Dots & A Dash for a few years now. We finally made it happen!

A lot of tiki-lovers have issue with this place because it’s loud and expensive, but we didn’t care. We saw a few comments that said you should get a reservation if at all possible, so we did long ahead of time. Even so, we could only get a spot at 10:30pm, which was fine by us. 

It has a sort of speakeasy feel, with an entrance in an alley (although, it’s pretty well marked once you’re in the alley), and a dark staircase into the basement (once you get past the bouncer). If you don’t have reservations, be prepared to stand outside in a line about 200 people long waiting to get a standing spot near the bar – just letting you know. 

When you walk down the staircase, you’re facing a beautiful glowing wall of skulls, which is sort of a signature feature in the place. Very tasteful and fun, in my opinion. There’s a spot to stand near the hostess stand where we waited a couple of minutes for our table to be made ready. Everyone is so nice here!

As I said, if you don’t have a reservation, you don’t get a table. GET A RESERVATION. There is a long row of 4-person tables in the middle of the dining room and then larger booths and spaces for parties along the walls of the dining room. It’s very well decorated and definitely has a relatively authentic (but upscale) tiki feel to it. Yes, it IS loud, but it’s a combo of both music and talking energy, which we thought was enjoyable. Sorry, old people, it isn’t a quiet 1960’s Polynesian basement den with calming ukulele sounds in the background! The server we had was pretty fantastic and went through the layout of the impressive menu. Single person drinks on these pages, multi-person drinks on these pages, ridiculously expensive drinks (like $400 or served in a pirate ship with a full bottle of rum) on these pages, specific fancy sipping rums on these pages, food on these pages, and merchandise on these other pages.

D.Rough and I had intended to keep it tame and have one or two single-person drinks. That was the PLAN. Every drink on this menu sounds amazing, however. But we started tame. D.Rough got an Aloha Felicia and I got a Fat Bottom Mermaid. 
These drinks showed up VERY quickly, which was amazing. (Note: a lot of the drinks are made in the back of the house, since the bartenders serving non-reservation people can’t keep up with the crazy demand of the tables, so you won’t get to see your drink being made, if that’s your thing.) Both of these drinks seemed to be tailor-made to our tastes. Mine was rum and crazy fruit juices, and D.Rough’s was rum and crazy coconut and other juices. Completely different tasting drinks and we loved both of them. In fact, they were some of the best tiki drinks we’ve ever had.  They’re probably pricy for drinks at a tiki bar in say Omaha, but in Chicago, this is how much drinks cost – deal with it.

The night was going well. We were happy with our drinks, with our server, with the random people talking to us as they walked past, and with our entire situation. We looked at the single-person drinks, and then a little deeper into the menu and decided that since we were here and it was sort of a special destination for us, that we should possibly take advantage of the circumstance and get something special. We literally wanted every drink on the multi-person drink pages, but we finally decided on the Bali Bali – rum, Armagnac, gin, and various juices – but for 4-5 people. Also, the picture on the menu sold it, as well. 
It arrived just as fast as the other drinks, but it was bubbling and glowing and “smoking” all over the place from the dry ice. People from around the bar literally came over to our table to take photos and video of it – really one of the most impressive drinks I’ve ever had. AND, it was D-LISH-OUS! Sure we were getting a little crazy with our ordering, but we felt like this was worth it, even for the presentation alone – not to mention the taste was way better than we expected.

We polished that drink off and thought we had better order some food, since we didn’t appear to be slowing down. We ordered the Lanai Luau Chips. These seemed like they might soak up some booze! They’re like vegetable pork rinds (which I’m sure just horrified a bunch of my vegetarian friends), served with a delicious mango guacamole. There were more of them than I thought there would be, but we definitely finished them off. Really tasty snacks.

We weren’t sure the chips were going to be enough so we ordered the Thai Fried Chicken…. and then some more drinks. I got the Saturn & Negroni and D.Rough got the Idle Hands Do The Devil’s Work. Again, these drinks were perfectly suited to our regular drinking tastes, except they were monumentally better than what we normally drink. The Saturn & Negroni is gin, homemade orgeat, and tropical juices and the Idle Hands is like a classic non-blended daiquiri, but with banana rum. Both were killer. And the Thai Fried Chicken was much better than we thought it was going to be. Great fry on the outside of these chicken pieces and just a tiny bit of spice in the wonderful glaze that was on them. We’re really glad we got these! 

Somehow, I talked D.Rough into getting another drink with dry ice in it – I’m sure I’m SUPER smooth and convincing when I’ve had eleventeen drinks. So I ordered the Shotstopus. 
It’s basically shots of 151 rum and juices but served on an awesome octopus display with dry ice. D.Rough was ready to be done when it came out, so I basically drank both shots (slowly, so I could actually taste how amazing they were). And they were awesome, in case you were wondering.

At this point, I was feeling on top of the world. SO much so that I spoke German with our server – who was originally from Germany. Fact: I don’t speak German. (To be fair, I took German in college for a bit, but that was a hundred years ago and I’ve lost it all…until I get a “few” drinks in me”)

Thankfully, D.Rough talked me out of ordering any more delicious drinks. She’s the brains AND the looks of this operation. She asked if this is a regular occurrence when I find tiki bars with my friends while I travel around the country for roller derby tournaments. (She’s an actual athlete that takes care of her body while the rest of us schlubbs regularly request late check-out of hotels and eat Advil like M&Ms after tiki nights.) So I suppose I’m more “in practice” than she is. That being said, no one was surprised when I woke up the next morning in our hotel room (thankfully) fully clothed and cradling the TV remote like it tried to get away from me during the night. Worth it. Worth every penny of the most expensive tiki night we’ve ever had. So much fun!!! 

And then the following morning, D.Rough and I continued the tiki fest by putting fun tiki garnishes in the copious amounts of water that we needed to drink!
You will be amused to find out where we went for lunch the next day on our way out of town…… hahahaha