Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jake’s – Eden Prairie, MN

I love Jake’s – I’ll just come right out and say it. I’ve been to this place a couple of times and have always had good luck there. Gerd decided we need to go there, so she could watch football on Sunday. Being in Viking country doesn’t lend itself to viewing the Bears on television every Sunday. While Jake’s isn’t technically a sports bar, we knew they had tvs and showed a bunch of games on Sundays.

We planned to sit at the bar, order some drinks and appetizers and park ourselves for a couple of hours. When we got there, we remembered they had a Sunday brunch. And it looked mighty tasty… We totally caved and went with the brunch.

This thing had fruits, cinnamon and caramel rolls, eggs, juevos, eggs benedict, sausage, bacon, salmon, cheesy hashbrowns, beef brisket, gravy, fried chicken, gravy, garlic mashed taters, and omelets made to order. Really, you’d be a moron NOT to get this if you’re there on a Sunday morning. We now had the opportunity to eat as much as we wanted and still watch the game.

The best thing about Jake’s is the girly drink menu. It’s one of the best I’ve come across. I’ve probably had 12-15 different drinks there and most of them are quite tasty and unique. Lots of fruity and pink drinks with fruit and flags in them – wurd. The best one is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini – it’s brilliant. I will soon begin making pitchers of these at my house. I usually have the barkeep put my martinis in a normal glass to preserve SOME aspect of my heterosexuality.

We had to reposition ourselves in front of the correct TV to watch the Bears, but we eventually found it. We were facing, across the bar, Vikings fans that were quite amusing. And across the room, the Packer fans congregated like one big happy dysfunctional family gathering. It was fun. I’ve never gone to a sports bar for football, but I know why people do it now. It truly was fun. I also know far more about football than I ever have before. I still don’t care about the drama between teams, but I like the game all the same.

Bottom line – go to Jake’s for Sunday football, or for seriously good food. They have great drinks and great appetizers as well if you’re looking for a fun place after work.

Top 5 things about Jake’s
1. Girly drinks!
2. Sunday brunch
3. All the appetizers
4. Great atmosphere/decor
5. Staff are all great

Bottom 5 things
1. Bears were not shown on a large screen, angering Gerd
2. Too cold for the awesome patio Jake’s has during warmer months
3. If you sit in the wrong spot, you’ll be watching the guy’s head next to you at the bar
4. I did not get to see Gerd’s “monkey arms” when she yells “Bears” at opposing football drunks
5. After 4 girly drinks, I needed a nap


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Matt said...

kelly's fiendishly wanting some Popeye's. there's a new commercial showing off these dinner "pot pie" looking things, and she drools when they come on. i loves me some popeyes. are they all gone here? i love that i'm asking that question to someone who moved away several months ago...