Monday, October 8, 2012

Fork in the Road Food Truck – St. Paul, MN

Food Truck Wednesday! Since it’s getting colder, I think the food truck party in downtown St. Paul is slowing down (at least for the vendors, not for the eaters). When we arrived at our usual lunch spot (Wabasha and Kellogg), there were two trucks, instead of the usual 5-7. Bummer. Thankfully, both trucks were winners. Un-thankfully, this meant the lines were 15+ people long. Sigh…

I compared both posted menus for both trucks and decided I wanted the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich from Fork in the Road. It sounded delicious. I had to wait much longer than usual to get to the front of the line, but it eventually happened. And then we had to wait for the backlog of food to be made. I understand it isn’t Fork in the Road’s fault. I truly do and am not complaining – I’m allowed to take a slightly extended lunch if I need to (especially when my boss is on PTO…)
The food arrived and smelled absolutely delicious. It also came with a side of potato chips, which I hadn’t expected. I ate some of the chips to let the sandwich cool – they were just alright, nothing fancy. As I waited for the sandwich to cool, I noticed a couple of onions in the meat. No biggie and I figured I wouldn’t even worry about them. (I am slightly allergic to onions, even though I like the flavor). Well, it turns out there was a HUGE amount of onions in this thing. It wasn’t written on the menu at all. Just pulled pork and grilled cheese. Even the other sandwiches explained ingredients and toppings and sauces. This one, I thought I was safe with.

Fortunately, this thing was delicious, even with the onions I couldn’t pick off the sandwich (just too many). LOTs of pulled pork with really good BBQ sauce on it. And plenty of melty tasty cheese. I WILL order this sandwich again and I will try to order it without onion (not sure if they’re adde3d later, or if they’re mixed in with the meat. But, this is a good grilled cheese. I’m a fan, even though it encouraged my guts to claw their way out of my body later that afternoon. Worth it.

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