Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Which Wich - Eden Prairie, MN

I’ve had some friends talk about this place, which is usually a good sign for a restaurant (in my book). I normally don’t review chain restaurants, but this one I caved on and decided to do one anyway. It’s close to work, so I popped over to check it out. When I walked in, a super friendly worker came over to me while I was in line and asked me if I’d been there before. I told him I hadn’t and he walked me through how the ordering works – I’m really glad he did. It isn’t complicated or anything, but it helps to have someone tell you what to expect.

You decide what kind of sandwich you’d like, first off. They have 8-10 different sandwiches, each with its own brown paper bag. You grab the bag you want and then it’s as easy as writing your name down at the top and then marking off the ingredients you want included. It’s super easy. Then you hand the bag to the checkout person and they ring you up with whatever drink you want (or pineapple shake, in my particular case).

I got the Wicked sandwich – it’s got five meats and three cheeses on it. That’s a serious sandwich. I picked out the weird ingredients I like and handed over the bag. It’s a pretty quick process. They called out my name a few minutes later and I got my shake and sandwich.

The bread itself was really good. It isn’t crusty, which I really like. Fresh ingredients and pretty much no end to the number of items you can get on it. It might make for a messy sandwich, but do you really care, if you get everything you’ve ever wanted on a sandwich? There was plenty of meat on here, and enough cheese you could taste it, but it didn’t seem like a gummy mass.

The place has a good thing going. Basically, it’s super customizable sandwiches that aren’t terribly expensive. The do a regularly changing special sandwich item each month or so, so keep an eye open for that on the webpage. It’s worth a visit. It isn’t going to be a mind blowing sandwich, but it’s going to be exactly what you wanted for lunch (unless you’re an idiot and select an ingredient you don’t actually like). It’s a better than average sandwich, for sure, and they have locations all over the country, so you should be able to find one close to you.

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