Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky China - West St. Paul, MN

D.Rough and I have tried to find a solid Chinese restaurant near our house, so we've been trying a handful of different places. We've found a few that had one or two awesome items, but nothing wonderful across the board. I was working from home when I remembered I had to try this one particular place and give it a shot. Lucky China claims to be serving both Chinese and Korean dishes, so I was looking forward to that.

The inside is nice and clean and the hostess and servers were all quite nice and talkative. When I got the  menu, I was bummed to see a severe lack of Korean food on the menu. I was hoping for some Bi Bim Bop or Beef Bulgogi, but it wasn't too be had. I went the traditional Chinese cuisine route. (I later found on their website that they have a separate Korean food menu, so you either have to ask for it when you go there or know ahead of time what you're going to order - NOW I know!)

I was, however, amused to see this typo on the menu. The Teriyaki Chicken apparently is slices of beef. No major deal, but it did make me laugh while I was trying to decide what I was going to eat.

The lunches come with a bowl of soup, so I got the egg drop soup. There are two different styles of egg drop soup. One with a bothy consistency, and one with a more snot-like consistency (sorry for the graphic description). The one at Lucky China was about half way between these two styles. It was pretty tasty, in fact. One of the better egg drop soups I've had.

I got the Hot Pepper Chicken, which said on the menu it was spicy. I was suspicious of that claim, but ordered it anyway. It was quite a serious amount of food and served on a bed of fried rice. Lots of green pepper, carrots, onions, mushrooms, and celery mixed in with the pieces of chicken. The sauce was really flavorful, but wasn't spicy, by any stretch. I would, for sure, order this dish again (but I'd ask them to kick up the heat a little bit - it is really Minnesota-spicy).

Based on the crab rangoon, the soup, and the flavor of the dish, I'll be looking forward to the next time D.Rough wants Chinese food. I know where we'll be going. Thanks for the awesome lunch!

Top 5 things about Lucky China
1. Hot Pepper Chicken
2. Super friendly workers
3. Pretty comprehensive menu, especially now that I know about the Korean menu
4. Crab Rangoons
5. Egg Drop Soup

Bottom 5 things
1. I didn't think there was Korean dishes on the menu, but there are secret ones
2. Food does have MSG in it, but the server said it could be made without on request
3. Couple of minor typos on the menu, which don't really matter
4. Nothing else

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