Thursday, May 28, 2015

Morelos Mexican Restaurant – West St. Paul, MN

D.Rough and I were pretty bummed when our favorite near-by Mexican restaurant (Los Arcos) closed its doors. But we were also excited to find that a new operation was moving in after a quick remodel. We headed to Morelos with high hopes!

 The menu is actually quite different than its predecessor, much to our surprise. There are a lot of things on Morelos menu that piqued my curiosity, but I had to buckle down and order something. I finally decided to get the Alambres Morelos and D.Rough got the Barbacoa & Carnitas dinner. And of course, we got a couple of beers. Duh.

The server brought out a basket of tortilla chips and two salsas for us to snack on while we waited. We were pretty happy that the two salsas were the very same as the ones that we found at Los Arcos. A more jalapeno/tomatillo flavored green sauce and a smoky red sauce. Both are delicious.

There wasn’t much of a wait before our food arrived. D.Rough felt like her barbacoa & carnitas were pretty standard. They didn’t blow her mind, frankly (just being honest). They weren’t bad, by any stretch, but they didn’t really hit the mark like she had hoped. I also tried some and agree with her – they were fine and all, but nothing to hang your hat on. The portion size was pretty impressive, however – I hope you’re hungry!

The Alambres Morelos, on the other hand, were way better than average. I was really happy with this item. Lots of green and red peppers and plenty of meet. The tortilla bed the food was sitting on actually held up pretty well, unlike other places I’ve been where the whole thing is a soggy mess. There was enough cheese to hold everything together, but not enough to be a blanket covering the entire plate. I loved this dish!

Overall, I liked mine a lot and D.Rough was sort of meh on it all. I have a feeling we’ll end back up at Morelos either way for a rematch. I’m looking forward to it quite a lot, actually.

Top 5 things about Morelos
1. Alambres Morelos
2. They have beer
3. Red Salsa
4. Green Salsa
5. It’s reallllly close to our house

Bottom 5 things
1. Still don’t serve Pozole during the week
2. Barbacoa & Carnitas were underwhelming
3. Lacking in margaritas
4. OurManFlip wasn’t with us on our maiden voyage to Morelos
5. Was hoping for karaoke… (I’ve been working on my Jose Jose songs)

Morelos Mexican Restaurant
360 Bernard St.
West St. Paul, MN 55118

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