Friday, February 19, 2016

Gogi Bros. House – Eden Prairie, MN

Sometimes, I get a hankerin’ for Korean food. But I don’t come across very many Korean restaurants where I spend most of my awake hours. When I heard there was a foodtruck-turned-brick-and-mortar-shop right by my office, I definitely perked up. It was even close enough to walk – even better.

The inside has a very unusual and data, yet fun, retro feel to it. The mustard yellow booths line the walls and then the garden area has an odd vibe to it. But I’m not there to absorb atmosphere, I’m there to EAT. The menu has really good descriptions of each menu item, so you aren’t taking that much of a gamble. I kind of had a few dishes in mind that I was in the mood for, and was happy to see them on the menu. That being said, I still struggled a bit to narrow down my order to just one thing. I got the lunch bento box, and because I Couldn’t decide, I got it with two meats in it – the Galbi (Korean-style short ribs) and Daeji Bulgogi (spicy bbq pork).

If you know much about Korean culture, these people love their drinks (and not just tea). Soft drinks and sodas are off the charts with their flavor combinations. I was in the mood…    

So, I ordered a melon-flavored carbonated milk drink. It sounds like a freak show, but it truly isn’t. I like melon. I like milk. I like carbonation (within reason). Put them together and make it not overwhelming and you’ve got a Milki. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s also fun and delicious!

The bento box came out and had lots of fun surprises in it. It has some glass noodles and rice, it had some steamed broccoli, it had some kimchi, and then it had two different sauced cubes of some vegetable in it. I tried to figure out what they were and I couldn’t do it. And then I was so excited by how awesome the food tasted that I forgot to ask what they were. They were great though. 

The bbq pork was by far my favorite. Really tender and not spicy bbq, just about perfect. The Korean bbq beef I find difficult to eat with chop sticks, because it’s usually a little more touch and stringy (due to the cut of the meat, not the quality) (that’s just how Korean beef is). So I ended up eating these delicious beef ribs with my fingers so I could keep my shirt clean. The beef was fantastic, but the pork was soooooo good.

Overall, a huge success, in my book. I’m looking forward to going back here again, especially since it’s close enough to walk to (even when it’s 10 below zero). Great work, Gogi Bros! I ave a feeling if you can get some people through your doors, that word of mouth is going to spread quickly. I plan on doing my part!

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