Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Naughty Greek – St. Paul, MN

D.Rough found some online photos of the food from this place and we dropped by one night we didn’t feel like cooking. The small shop has about 6 tables in it, so you may have to take your food to go if there’s no room. The menu is on the wall and explains things pretty thoroughly – and otherwise, you can ask the staff if you have any questions. We ended up getting a pork gyro platter (with an upgrade to naughty fries – which means they add some feta to the top), a pork gyro sandwich, and baked feta pastries drizzled in honey.

The platter is pretty large and comes on a mini-cookie tray. It’s got all the toppings you could want and a mound of meat. I also LOVE that they cover the pita in olive oil before serving it – something more places could take a hint from. The pork flavor was fantastic and there was more than enough – in fact, I couldn’t eat the entire thing. That doesn’t happen very often. The fries are very crispy, which rules, especially when you have to take half of them home to reheat the next day.

The pork gyro sandwich was basically the same thing, but comes all wrapped up in one package – no assembly required. Maybe slightly less meat than the platter, but it’s still got plenty. Really delicious.

The baked feta was great. Truly. I think you’re probably going to want to split one of these for two people, but if you reeeeeeally enjoy eating a block of feta on your own, no judgment here.

The owner, Angelo, came out and we chatted about D.Rough and my trip to Santorini a few years back. He’s got family in Greece and has been to Santorini himself. We swapped some good stories and assured him we’d be back (to both Santorini and to his restaurant in St. Paul).

For the record, they do serve Greek beer and wine here, so that doesn’t hurt anything.

Looking forward to our next visit here. We loved it. 

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JeniEats said...

Thanks for sharing. This restaurant has been on my list too visit soon!