Thursday, May 5, 2011

Angelo's Pizza - St. Paul, MN

D.Rough and I were hanging out with her sister SalsaSandwich, and needed to grab some dinner since her mom and dad were at a wedding. D.Rough immediately shot down SalsaSandwich’s first choice, which is ALWAYS Old Country Buffet (OCB). Our next option was pizza. D.Rough knew about a couple of places we could go, and finally decided on Angelo’s. We headed there quickly since we were all starving.

The inside of the place looks small – actually more narrow than small. There’s a front room with 6 or 7 tables and some video games. The back section is like a long hallway with booths. Narrow, like I said.

While I went to the restroom, D.Rough had ordered me a Dew, so I was already a big fan of the place! They have a pretty standard menu with pizza and some simple pasta dishes. We wanted pizza, though. SalsaSandwich wanted Pepperoni, so we got pepperoni on the whole thing, and then we added fresh tomatoes and hot peppers to D.Rough’s half.

We asked SalsaSandwich what she was going to do while totally unsupervised that night. She immediately replied, “I’m going to stay up late and drink soda until I get diabetes!!!” She is soooooooo hilarious. We were cracking up.

The food came out on a cafeteria platter with waxed paper on it. I could already tell this pizza was going to be good since you could already see through the paper. That means it’s top-notch, obviously. The pie was absolutely piping hot. Scalding hot. SalsaSandwich apparently doesn’t feel pain – she shoveled in the first piece without batting an eye. Then, the next piece. Finally, after she had put back almost her entire half of a large pizza, she quit and got a to-go container.

D.Rough and I let a couple pieces cool off enough that we could get them into our mouths. It was delicious. It was a little bit like Carbone’s and a little bit like Red’s Savoy – two of my favorites. The hot peppers on this thing were HOT – lots of kick to them. We don’t always get hot peppers on our pizza, but I’m thinking we should. They made this pizza REALLY tasty. Great cheese and thin crust made everyone happy. I think we’ll probably eat here again.

And of course, we had to go across the street to Dairy Queen for Mini Blizzards… Duh.

No top 5 list since we really only got the pizza – which would be most of the top 5 anyway.

Angelo’s Pizza
1668 White Bear Avenue North
Saint Paul, MN 55106

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