Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twisted Fork - St. Paul, MN

I had dropped D.Rough at roller derby Saturday morning and knew I wanted something fun for breakfast. I remembered driving by this place that we had commented about a number of times – Twisted Fork. One of the things we always commented about the Twisted Fork was that you can’t really see it. It is in a building that houses The Green Mill. In fact, as you can see from the outside of the building, the green mill has doors on both sides of the Twisted Fork as well as a huge sign on the outside of the building directly above the Twisted Fork. It just looks like the Green Mill – and who really wants to eat there?

I pulled up a stool at the bar. The inside of this place is much bigger and nicer than I expected having driven past. It’s border-line classy in there. There’s about 20 or so tables in side, so there’s plenty of room. The bartender (they’re a wine and beer place, not a hard liquor place) got me a menu and gave me some time to peruse it. There are a lot of things on the menu that sounded really good. I decided on the Strawberries and Cream French Toast, but I wanted to give them a shot at showcasing what they’re really good at. When I asked Rocky (the bartender) what the place was known for or what he would recommend, he said the Strawberries and Cream French Toast was really good. Well, that decided it. And of course, a side of applewood bacon!

I didn’t wait long for my food. It arrived looked really delicious. The photos don’t do this thing justice as the light wasn’t helping, having sat at the bar next to the wall. Just too dark.

Ah, screw it, I'll turn the flash on so you can see the inside of the french toast.

Before I started eating, Rocky came over and offered a suggestion. He said to leave off the syrup on the first few bites. I would find that I probably wouldn’t need it at all. I get the impression Rocky knows his food – he’s very helpful. The French toast was REALLY good. It was thick slices of Challah bread with homemade sweet cream slather between the slices of bread. Also between the slices were very thinly sliced pieces of strawberries – just the skin, actually. The Challah bread was dipped in some serious egg batter and fried all together and served with two giant dollops of homemade whipped cream and strawberries on top.

Rocky is 100% right, it didn’t need the syrup at all. There was plenty of sweetness in all of the ingredients and it was so rich, you didn’t need anything additional weighing it down. The flavor of the strawberries permeated everything without being overpowering and the homemade whipped cream was light fluffy, and delicious. The bread really was the star of this show – dense and sweet and the egg batter only enhanced the flavor. I did try a couple of bites dipped in the syrup, just to make sure, but Rocky knows what he’s talking about – it’s better without it.

The bacon was some of the best I’ve had. It was thick cut and cooked just to crisp. The flavor of the applewood was the most vibrant I’ve had. It didn’t taste smoky or anything like that, but the flavor was perfect. I will get a side of their bacon everytime I come back here, I think. They have a lot of happy hour specials, including a date night. I think I’ll be briging D.Rough back here for some half priced bottles of wine.

[Note - my credit card bill came from Green Mill, so I'm assuming there is some sort of tie in with that place. Maybe it's top secret and we're not supposed to know. ANyway, it's WWAAAAYYY better than anything I've had at Green Mill.]

Top 5 things about Twisted Fork
1. Strawberries and Cream French Toast
2. Applewood Bacon
3. Menu is comprehensive and delicious-looking
4. Rocky and his fellow staff people were very friendly and helpful
5. Actual slightly twisted fork
Bottom 5 things
1. They need some serious signage so people don’t mistake it for Green Mill
2. Parking isn’t the best, since it’s street parking, but you’ll have to make due
3. I wasn’t in a beer or wine mood, but a screwdriver would have hit the spot
4. D.Rough’s going to be mad she finds out I went here without her…
5. Just a little on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for here – it’s worth it.


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