Friday, October 21, 2011

Experimental Food Night #4003 - Minneapolis, MN

As often as we can, I get together with M. and Trash Giant for dinner. Very special dinners. M.Giant and I like to find unique and multicultural (some might use the term experimental or multi-horrific) dishes to trick Trash into making. Somehow, she doesn’t usually complain about doing the cooking of these things, since usually we try to keep it in the crock-pot or minimal maintenance realm of cooking. M. and I don’t actually mind cooking, but if a vegetarian is willing to touch things which formerly had parents and whip up a big batch of gross, then we’re all for letting her. To her credit, she does an amazing job and the snide remarks, fake complaints, and heartfelt hatred, add a flavor to the dish that no spice will ever be able to recreate.

This time, we had a special guest! Trash and I’s boss was in town from Louisville and had heard us talk about Experimental Food Night. She wanted in. So, we began the hunt for something extra weird and challenging. Like the red beam of light from the Staff of Ra in Indiana Jones, I came across what could only be described as miraculous.

I give you…. Cheesy chicken, bacon, and tater-tot crock pot bake.

Basically the name of the thing tells you what's in there. We were all a little bit scared of it, but we all plopped a serious portion of this thing on our plate. Well, not all of us – the vegetarian who actually assembled the thing in the crock pot took a very small portion and kept picking out the bacon pieces. Hahahahaha

It ended up being exponentially better than we all anticipated. You could taste all the flavors, and if you wanted to, you could use ketchup on it for your tater tots, if so inclined. This was one of the better meals we’ve had at experimental food night.

I wonder if we should change the name to something snappy like Tribbiani Tribute (to reference the Friends episode where one of the girls makes trifle with roast beef and Joey Tribiani loves it).

Thank you again, Trash. You continue to impress me. I’ll see what I can find on the Intarwebs for the next Tribbiani Tribute!

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