Monday, November 7, 2011

Donut Star – Burnsville, MN

It was another disc golf Saturday morning and, fortunately for me, there was a donut shop about three blocks from the course I was going to play with the guys. Donut Star is right on Cliff Road near Red Oak Disc Golf Course, so it would almost be rude if I didn’t stop there and check them out. I hate to be rude.
The inside has quite a bit of seating room and the glass case at the counter was filled with donuts. The super helpful and friendly man behind the counter was chatty and liked that I said I was doing “fantastic” this early in the morning. He was also doing fantastic.

I didn’t really have anything in mind when I walked in the door, but the first thing I saw in the case was a maple frosted long john with a strip of bacon on the top. SOLD! I also (because I bought Bobafred and apple fritter the previous week) thought I was in the mood for an apple fritter. It looked pretty large, so I had a feeling I was going to be full before this round of disc golf. I grabbed a chocolate milk and headed out to the car.
I started with the apple fritter, mainly because I wanted to casually eat a bacon covered donut in front of the guys like it’s something I do all the time (it isn’t). It’s definitely a conversation starter. The fritter was quite large, as I said, but was perfectly cooked. Hard and crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Pieces of apple appeared here and there and added some sweetness ad texture to the fritter. I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of these apple fritter. I used to think they were old people donuts, since those are the only people I ever saw eating them. They’re delicious though.

The bacon covered long john was quite good. The bacon was thick-cut and cooked perfectly for a donut (I like my donut-bacon more crispy than I like my solo-bacon), and covered the entire length of the donut. The maple glaze wasn’t too sweet, like it sometimes is, so it was just about the perfect donut. I think if it had been warm, it may have been the perfect donut. It was quite filling and the guys were horrified by the idea of a piece of bacon on the donut. Mission accomplished.

Donut Star may have some extra points for the bacon-inclusion. They’re a standard donut shop with friendly people and a modest variety of donuts. Nothing wrong at all with this place. I’m looking forward to playing at Red Oak Disc Golf Course in Burnsville soon (even though I played like garbage this round).


Kristi said...

While I haven't yet had a donut with bacon on it, I am of the mind that bacon makes everything better ;)
Looks great!

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