Friday, March 30, 2012

Chippewa Falls Junior High School Disc Golf Course – Chippewa Falls, WI

I was driving back from Green Bay and thought I’d pop by and play this course. It took some effort getting to it, since the directions on the GPS didn’t line up well with the directions in the 2007 printed course directory, but eventually, I found the course.

I parked in the parking lot where the sign was and couldn’t figure out where the first hole was. I spoke to some kids holding discs who told me the course had had a bunch of baskets pulled and the first whole started waaaaay across the street and another parking lot – not anywhere near the “Disc Golf Course” sign.

I followed the kid’s advice and got started. The first hole, you throw across the road and directly at the school. I wasn’t sure about concrete as out of bounds at this particular course, but you have a REALLY good shot of throwing it into the road/access road to the back of the school on the first shot. I’m not sure if this was the original design, but yikes. I’m glad I was playing on a Sunday when there were fewer cars.

After the first hole, you head behind the storage area of the school and down into the woods. And by down, I mean super treacherous drop shot down a cliff. I took my putter and putted it maybe 75 feet below me. Not even a throw, but a loft put – which blew by the basket and ended another 75+ feel BELOW the basket next to a creek. Not getting an awesome feeling about this course. I played a few more holes that were a little hodge-podge, flow-wise. It was fairly easy to navigate, since the tee for the next hole was generally dangerously close to the previous hole’s basket (like 10 feet away).

Here’s how the next few holes played out:
  • It wound through the woods, and after a 500 ft shot uphill through a double dogleg tunnel, I ended up in the open.
  • 85 ft hole
  • 250 ft hole right by the large scoreboard – which I DRILLED
  • A “J-shaped” hole, all of which seriously anger me. You throw forward and then are forced to come back, or just cut through the trees – DUR
  • 600+ ft hole literally across the football field where I nailed the scoreboard to a basket right next to the road
  • completely missed opportunity to use an amazing pine tree lined area as a super fun tree-tunnel hole, but instead opting for a 200 ft wide open hole to a basket next to the road
  • short hole throwing directly at a house right next to the school’s baseball diamond
  • final hole across the baseball diamond back to the original “disc golf course” sign where I had parked my car

I’m not sure if they pulled those baskets because some of the holes were actually more ridiculous than the ones they left, or if they needed the metal for something else. I’m not sure they would have helped though. It was a disappointing course, but there were a TON of people playing it. I say many groups there, including a group of four 7-8 year olds. Honestly, these kids were having a blast, despite the wind and odd layout. So good for them for taking advantage of what tools they have at their discretion. I however, won’t be back to this course.

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