Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wakanda Park Disc Golf Course – Menomonie, WI

Since I still had some daylight left after playing the course in Chippewa Falls, I swung by Wakanda Park in Menomonie. I could see a handful of baskets from my car in the parking area, which is a good sign. I could also see a couple of groups here and there. I had a good feeling about this course.

The first hole is pretty straight forward throwing from a concrete tee to a basket in some tall mature trees. When I got the basket, I missed my put and then noticed concrete blocks set in the ground near the basket directing you to the next tee. Brilliant plan! I loved it. I was able to navigate this course super easily. The only exception was on multiple pin placements, there was only the directional block on one of them, which was still super helpful. Very smart and easy to execute when installing a course. Take note, future course designers.

I then headed into the woods for a few holes that were not necessarily easy. Some tricky placements of trees made you think about where you were going to throw – very smart. Another hole with a basket along the tree line led me to a really awesome throw-out-over-the-valley hole. This was really awesome and probably the best hole out here on the course.

Another open hole leads back to two or three along the tree line again. Then you get into the elevation part of the course. Large rolling hills and mature oak trees. Really a super fun design and a lot of reachable holes as long as you can pull some finesse out of your upper body. You throw down by the large lake and hope to avoid the breeze and whoever might be fishing on the lake shore. Then it’s back up the wooded hills and back to the car.

I really enjoyed playing this course. It isn’t easy, by any stretch and you may possibly lose a disc in the water on a hole, but I didn’t find myself cursing at the designers NOR my own performance, which is nice. I’m not a finesse player, normally, but I did myself proud navigating some of the trees at this course. I’ll be back here on my way in or out of the Twin Cities. Give this one a shot. It’s designed pretty well and is easy to navigate.

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