Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bangkok Thai Deli (Take 2) – St. Paul, MN

I mentioned we really liked Bangkok Thai Deli, so we went back there again recently (yes, probably too recently, but we’re hooked on this place). I normally don’t re-review places within the same year, unless there’s something ground breaking to try. Well there is!

Rita mentioned she loves the stuffed chicken wings at Bangkok Thai Deli, so we ordered two of those. D.Rough was in the mood for some spicy pork and I was tempted by the Dry Suki Yaki (more Japanese, but whatever, I love it no matter which country makes it).

The chicken wings were the game-changing part of this meal .I’m not even sure what they stuff these things with – it looks like more meat and vegetables. But they’re reallllly delicious. The fried part is awesome and they take the bones out of most of the wing (where they stuff it full of other filling). I can’t thank Rita enough for recommending these to us. I’m glad we tried them.

The pork dish was pretty good, as well. Not amazing like the first dishes we had here, but still really good. I think I ate about half of D.Rough’s meal, since I really liked it. It was just a touch salty (which is what I love) and the mound of rice was pretty intimidating. Thankfully, it wasn’t as spicy as the first go around with this place, so we ate it without any problems. The soup was a little thin and I’m not even sure what it was, but we ate about half of it. The dish comes with a small bowl of what looks like pickled peppers. They were hot but still sweet and tasty.

(I can't get this stupid picture to rotate, even if I change the name of the file - AAAGGHHHH!)My dish was really good, but it had a more fish-saucy after taste. Just a tiny bit. I loved the noodles and the meat flavor, and even the chili oil that was used generously didn’t overpower me. The veggies in it (mostly bok choi and carrots) added some awesome texture and flavor to the noodles and sauce as well. It’s not really DRY, but compared to traditional Suki Yaki, it was (traditional Suki Yaki is a bowl of soup with noodles and veggies in it). I really liked this dish.

In order of awesomeness, it’s got to be the stuffed chicken wings, then the dry Suki Yaki, then the pork with rice. But clearly, they were all good. This place is slowly making its move to the front of our go-to places…

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