Friday, April 6, 2012

Rey Azteca – Chanhassen, MN

I love going out to lunch with FlameRetarded. We were both in the mood for some Mexican food, so I suggested Rey Azteca, a place out in Chanhassen. It’s one of the closest ones to where I work, and it had been a while since I had been there – as in, three or four years.

We looked through the lunch menu and didn’t find whatever it was we thought was going to fill us up. So we simply ordered chimichangas for both of us. I went with the beef and FlameRetarded went with chicken. The server wouldn’t let me have beans AND rice, so I just went with beans – weird that they won’t do both. In the meantime, we snacked on some chips and salsa. I had forgotten this is one of the places that has the weird white cheese/ranch/sour cream chip dip that I love so much. The red salsa is about average, but I really like the white cheese sauce they provide much more. They had to bring out another basket of chips for us, since we were devouring it.

The food showed up fairly quickly, considering the lunch rush. The dish comes with a nice guacamole salad, which was fairly tasty. It’s hard not to be, as long as you get the avocados right. They had, so the shredded iceberg lettuce salad with some guac and sour cream was just fine. The beans, on the other hand, were a tad runny and flavorless. I wasn’t impressed with them, despite the fact they had some delicious cheese melted on top (not enough though, clearly).

The chimichanga was pretty small, and as it turns out was the lunch portion – not at all what we had intended, but I guess it’s our fault for not explaining ourselves clearly. Sigh. The chimi was fried well and was nice and crunchy, however, the insides were sort of bland. I thought there would be a bit of seasoning or spice in them, but there really wasn’t. Again, I was glad for the white cheese that was melted on everything, since ti gave me something to look forward to as I ate what was a pretty sub-par chimichanga. It’s ok though, as I had some delicious cheese ranch sauce with some chips to finish the meal!

Overall, a pretty sub-standard performance, even by Minnesotan standards. I won’t do a top 5 for this, but mainly because I’m not sure there were 5 good things on the list (besides having lunch with one of my favorite people!).

Rey Azteca
7874 Market Blvd.
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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