Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bunker Hills Regional Park Disc Golf Course – Andover, MN

Saturday, the disc golf group I play with took an excursion to play two courses we hadn’t graced with our presence yet. We were going to play two nine-holers so we didn’t infringe upon anyone in the group’s family/social calendar. We headed north of the Metro to Andover. I’ve never even heard of Andover, let alone been there, but it wasn’t too bad a drive. Maybe 20 minutes or so from the city proper.

The park costs $5 per car to enter, so we met up and carpooled to make it cheaper. Once we figured out which entrance to the large park it was, we found the first tee. There was a large sign on the first (and then EVERY) tee warning people about poison ivy. There’s a picture of it and everything. They’re serious about poison ivy here. Or maybe they’re breeding it for military purposes, not quite sure. Just be ready and maybe wear long pants (which I did)

The course layout is decent. Nothing terribly easy, but there were a couple of ridiculous holes. Either no fairway at all (just a wall of trees to hope you avoid), or a U-shaped hole which we all took the short-cut and threw over the trees to save a stroke or two by taking the narrow fairway that bent the wrong way for right handers. It’s a woodsy course with some pretty serious tree maneuvering.

The course is well taken care of and the concrete tees and fairways are nicely maintained. There was a missing tee sign or two, but for the most part, the distance and directions on the tee sign were pretty spot-on. And it was easy to find your way around the course thanks to fantastic signage from hole to hole.

I might also add that I may be a little biased about this course. All the stars aligned and I was on FIRE today. I didn’t miss a single putt and ended up (amazingly) under par. I was glad the guys were disgruntled and didn’t want to play the course a second time because I know that would have put me back over par. It’s got a good mix of short and long holes, so you’ll need to birdy when you can. And for the longer holes, keep it in the fairway, even if you need to lay up.

Interesting course that I wouldn’t hate to play again. It just isn’t really near anything I ever go to. Maybe on the way back from Blue Ribbon Pines, we’ll have a revenge round here…

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