Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lochness Park Disc Golf Course – Blaine, MN

For the second 9-hole course of the day, we headed a mile or two down the road to Lochness – yes, just like the lake with the monster. It is funny that there are signs everywhere saying sledding is not allowed (odd, since there aren’t any hills), and the signs look like the lochness monster when you drive past them quickly.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but I had printed out a map online, which ended up helping us in the end. It did however take us a minute or two to find out bearings on the map so we could find the first tee.

The first thing you’ll notice about the course is there are three sets of well-marked tees. There are also tee signs high in the air with good maps on them so you can figure out both the layout of the hole but also where the additional tees are. Really well done on the tee areas – dirt tees and only a little water in some of them, due to the rain we had just gotten.

The course from the blue/pro tees is long. I mean really long. They don’t even bat an eye at 800+ feet. Be ready for that. the map online does show distances and routes for all three tees, which is awesome, but so do the tee signs at each hole. The fairways here are really well taken care of and you should really stick to them. If you get into the crap on either side, you’re going to kick yourself.

I think all of the holes had an identifiable fairway. One was particularly narrow, and a bit of a poke-and-hope, but it was short enough you could throw a bad shot and still be able to find a route/putt to the basket. Some of the fairways were really wide open, but for the most part you really had to control your shot, both distance and direction. I like courses like this one. In fact, everyone liked this course. I was worried some of them wouldn’t due to the distance factor, but everyone seemed to like it. There was also an interesting water hole where you have to hit an opening in the trees. ZERO discs losts (though two were wet)!

Again, the stars were aligning and my distance was pretty rockin this day. Even my aim was pretty good. I didn’t end up under par, but not many people will with a few 800 foot holes. My putting was saving my tail and I only had one spit-out from the basket. The course was really quite charming and fun to play. You might think the distance would ruin it for a lot of people, but the holes weren’t mean or nasty and we all pretty straight forward. Just solid golf. You’ll like this course!

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