Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pig N Chik – Atlanta, GA

I heard from two different people that Pig N Chik in Atlanta had great ribs (since word on the street is that I like ribs). My flight didn’t leave until later that afternoon, so A-Wow, Rita, and I hopped on the train and headed North (I think it was north – it was “up” on the subway map, if that means anything). We knew which stop to get off and then we were relying on A-Wow’s GPS to get us to the place on foot. We were fine until we got to the address shown and it was an empty field. We asked some guys at a nearby auto mechanic shop and they said there’s a wings place down the street. We were hungry and tired from walking, so we decided we’d just go there.

Oddly enough, the wings place the gentleman mentioned is in the back half of the building that Pig N Chik is in. Hilarious. We skipped the wings place and went to our original destination.

The inside of Pig N Chik has a sort of Famous Dave’s feel, without the commercialism. Lots of Atlanta memorabilia and license plates and newspaper articles. The customers inside seemed genuinely happy and people were eating all kinds of things. It was making me hungry just watching people. You order at the counter off the huge menu sign, and then they bring it to you when it’s all ready. I went with the half slab of ribs with two side and then 5 wings – I was here to eat both the Pig AND the Chik. Mac and Cheese and also Fried Okra for sides. I also scored an RC. I don’t think I’ve had RC in 15 years – and the last place was at my Grandma’s house in Illinois. Good memories.

The food was out quickly, which we were all thankful for. I dug into the sides. The mac and cheese was decent. Slightly better than average. It had some real cheese in it, but it still tasted a little processed to me. The fried okra, however, was awesome. I really liked it. Not slimy at all and the crunch of both the batter and the okra was music to my mouth. I’d get these again, without question.

The chicken wings were good. Better than a lot of places I’ve been, but not top-shelf quality. They were just above average. Not too saucy. I’m glad I got them though – they helped fill me up and they didn’t disappoint.

Rita also asked me if the carrots had come with the wings or if I had randomly ordered a basket of carrots. Hilarious. Now I wish I *had* ordered a basket of carrots just to freak her out.

The ribs were surprisingly good. Served dry, but there is sauce on the table. The meat fell right off the bones and despite the outside NOT looking like they were going to be anything special, they had a great flavor and bark on them. No gristly nor fat in these at all and I ate them all pretty quickly. I would recommend these ribs to people in the area – it’s just a tad hard to get to for out-of-towners. And the giant slice of white bread on the side is perfect for sopping up any juicy bits you may have dropped.

I’m glad I ate here, especially for the ribs and fried okra. Thanks for the tip, friends and family! And thanks for the awesome copmany and navigational skills, Rita and A-Wow!

Top 5 things about Pig N Chik
1. BBQ Ribs
2. Fried Okra
3. Chicken wings
4. Walkable from the train station
5. Royal Crown Cola

Bottom 5 things
1. Bummed about the mac and cheese
2. Makes me wonder if the chicken wings at the restaurant behind Pig N Chik are better
3. Blue cheese sauce came from a store – at least pretend…
4. Not the easiest place to find since all of the nearby roads have the same name
5. Was bummed to find out I was 2 minutes from my friend Blossom’s apartment AFTER we left


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