Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ham Lake Disc Golf Course – Ham Lake, MN

The Saturday morning crew of golfers were in the mood for some new courses, so I thought we’d head up to the northern suburbs and play two courses in Ham Lake. Ham Lake Disc Golf Course is just off of Highway 65, and in a pretty secluded park (I say that, realizing it might only have seemed secluded since there was snow on the ground).

The course wraps around a baseball diamond and near some swampy areas which were both dry (due to the lack of rain this summer) and frozen over (from the temperature). I have no idea if they fill up in the rainy seasons. Let’s pretend they don’t.

The course is about half wooded and half fairly open. It has a few holes you can open up wide on, and a few finesse holes. We didn’t expect much at this course, but were pleasantly surprised to say we all liked it. We liked throwing from some of the enclosed tees out into the open areas, and then throwing from a more open area to an enclosed green. Good work on the design of this course.

When we got the back nine, we discovered the back holes had been removed due to vandalism – very unfortunately, looking at the map we had pulled up on our phones. I bet those holes were pretty fun.

This isn’t going to be a championship level course, but you’ll still need your driver and you’ll still need to bring your finesse game (which I do NOT have). We would highly recommend playing this nine-holer after a brutal round at Blue Ribbon Pines, which is about 10 minutes further north on Highway 65. It’s worth the trip, especially since you can play it pretty quickly.


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