Friday, December 14, 2012

Wild Tymes – St. Paul, MN

A friend of mine from business school and I met up at Wild Tymes in downtown St. Paul for lunch to get caught up. I think the last time I saw Nosila, I was shirtless and screaming for the Minnesota RollerGirls in their bout against Chicago. Yet, she still speaks to me. Nosila works downtown and I thought I’d meet her close to her work. I hadn’t been to Wild Tymes, so when she brought it up, I was game.

I assumed Wild Tymes is a Minnesota Wild hockey-themed bar, and yeah, that’s about right. With the lockout and all, I’m guessing business isn’t booming, so maybe it’s a good thing we went here. The place seemed plenty busy AFTER I took this photo of the inside. Seems like the downtown lunch crowd patronizes this place pretty well, which is nice.

The menu is pretty standard bar food, so it all looks appealing. I went with a buffalo chicken sandwich with some onion rings. I wasn’t in the mood for a burger for some reason. Since we were at the front end of the rush, the food came out pretty quickly.

It looked like standard bar food, and tasted about what I expected. Nothing flashy or earth-shattering. Just a decent chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce and blue cheese, and then with a slice of pepperjack cheese on top. Again, not bad, but the lack of frying usually causes the slippery chicken breast to slide all over when you’re eating it. This one was no different. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying it’s pretty standard fare.

The onion rings were pretty good. Maybe even a little better than average. The server had said they were pretty good there and she wasn’t lying. They had plenty of breading on them and I didn’t hit any underdone spots, which is always a drag. Great work on the rings, WT!

The place is just fine for the lunchtime crowd. I may not rush out here to have a fancy date night with D.Rough, but it’s good, as far as bar food goes.

Not enough things to do a top/bottom 5 list, sorry.

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