Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christ the King Disc Golf Course – Ham Lake, MN

The plan was to play a quick round at Ham Lake Disc Golf Course, and then drive another 5 minutes up Highway 65 to Christ the King Disc Golf Course. We had no idea what to expect, but we were excited to try out the new course (to us).

I had found a map online of the course, which turned out to be helpful in finding the first few holes. The holes in the wood were pretty easy to follow, since you just stuck to the path. The first hole is at the top of the mound you can see from the parking lot.

The course starts pretty open and driveable, and then gets more narrow (and stays driveable). I ended up on a birdie streak and played pretty well here, which should probably tell you the course doesn’t require a TON of finesse – just a little bit.

The course wraps around a set of small ponds, which were frozen over – thankfully because BobaFred threw onto the ice twice. Thankfully, we were able to get both of them back. There are a few ace runs that will do your ego wonders when you lay it up close enough to drop it in for the deuce.

Again, this course is worth the stop over if you’re already up in East Bethel playing at Blue Ribbon Pines. I’m guessing it is encouraged to bite your tongue when missing really easy putts, especially during church hours. I’m glad we stopped here at this course, even if we did roll in during the mass exodus from church on a Sunday morning (pun intended).

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