Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Loaded Griller at Taco Bell – Minneapolis, MN

I needed a quick bite before heading over to a friend’s house for serious ping pong action. I had heard about these new loaded grillers at Taco Bell – basically appetizers wrapped in a tortilla, for lack of a better explanation. I figured I’d better try one.

I got the buffalo chicken one, which is supposed to taste like chicken wings. And at $.99, I thought about picking up one of each (probably Taco Bell’s strategy, in all honesty). That’s a pretty good deal, even for a newly launched menu item.

I was going to take a photo of the outside, but frankly, it just looks like a burrito or a roll-up, so there isn’t any point. It’s about the size of a normal burrito at Taco Bell, for comparison. It’s thicker and has more ingredients than a cheese roll-up, so don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off for $.99 or anything. It’s a healthy portion for an appetizer.

The insides were a gooey molten cheesy delicious mess. It has chunks of chicken and buffalo sauce, maybe even too much cheese/sauce. It did come squirting out from anywhere it could. I was hoping maybe the creamy white sauce was going to be some sort of amazing blue cheese sauce, but it’s simply sour cream. It’s messy, but I’d probably eat another one of these sometime.

It isn’t going to be the mind blowing things that Taco Bell has put out in the past, but it’s above average, and for the price, hard to beat. I was glad I got one, but I’m curious to try all the other ones. If you’ve got any experience with the other loaded grillers, chime in, folks.


Matt said...

it's funny that when they come out with something new, i want to discuss the item with you. good to know these aren't horrible. i think i'll buy a round of all three.

Niccae Saren said...

In case anyone is wary of the taste, the buffalo griller tastes better without the sour cream. Yes, it makes it spicier, but it also makes it tastier.