Friday, April 5, 2013

Glam Doll Donuts – Minneapolis, MN

D.Rough and I had heard about this new donut shop in Minneapolis from one of the local newspapers and also heard it was sort of a late night spot. We showed up after a roller derby event and found it well-populated and hopping. If you haven’t heard about this place, it’s a sort of retro flashback 1940-1950’s pin-up doll inspired donut shop that is open late, as well as the crack of dawn kind of hours. In fact, it’s open until 1am Thursday through Sunday nights. Brilliant!

But it isn’t all about the atmosphere here (though that IS very important and amazingly well crafted – by hand in many instances) – the donuts they make are both delicious and waaay outside the box (pun intended). The woman who comes up with the donut menu is immensely creative and not subtle at all with her flavor combinations. Call wacky donuts a fad if you want to, but if it’s done right, the fad is going to stick around for a LONG time – that’s my hope with this place.

D.Rough and I got a couple of donuts to split and try some new things. We got an orange, cinnamon, and ginger donut, a curry glazed donut stuffed with provolone, and D.Rough got one of those damn cake circles (some people call them cake donuts, but I won’t give that species the honor of calling it a donut) with peanut butter frosting and sri racha. I told you this place is adventurous.

The orange, cinnamon, ginger donut was really quite delicious. It almost tasted like an orange slice with a little bit of bite to it. Very tasty and recommended.

I keep hearing how the cake circles at Glam Doll are really much lighter and fluffier than many I’ve had, but I just didn’t want to take the chance that it would ruin my experience, so I didn’t try it. D.Rough loved the bites that she ate, and I did try the frosting, which was oddly wonderful. But I can’t give it a full review, since I couldn’t bring myself to eat it – I wasn’t in the mood for cake. I was in the mood for donuts.

The curry glazed provolone stuffed donut was the best thing I had that night. Maybe in the top 5 donuts I’ve ever had. I haven’t had a ton of savory donuts, but I would recommend this to everyone. It looks a little bit like an empanada – sort of a folded over and fried dough pocket covered with a slightly orange-ish curry glaze. Not a spicy curry, but still distinctly curry flavored. And the inside had this really awesome salty cheese in the center. It wasn’t molten, so it held together nicely and you got some with each bite without having to worry about all your cheese oozing out. Honestly, this made every part of me happy. Get this donut.

Now, I’ve decided I need to go to Glam Doll often enough to figure out the donut schedule and when I can get certain donuts. I’m REALLY glad this place is open late and is more fun than I thought it might be. Wel done, Glam Doll. Quite an impressive operation you have here. Thank YOU for being so awesome.

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Anonymous said...

hm. must disagree about cake donuts, I've always thought of them as the good kind of donut.