Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Whistle Stop Hoagie Shop & Eatery – Stuart, FL

While visiting LBJ down in Florida, he and ChristiNA thought I should check out this breakfast-y place they like. Of course I was game for that. The Whistle Stop is owned by a guy from Philly who claims to make the best philly cheesesteaks ever. The place is basically a more robust snack shack that built walls around their once-outside patio. It’s also right across the street from the marina, so many boaters are passing through this place before heading out onto the water.

You read the menu boards above the counter and then order before sitting down.It was too early for a cheesesteak, so I went with the Breakfast Hoagie. It’s got 3 eggs, cheese, home fries, and choice of bacon/sausage/ham (obviously, you go with bacon). I’m always impressed with the amount of sweet tea the south consumes – I’m not a fan, but I always notice it in restaurants down south. Multiple tins of different flavors – they take it very seriously there. I got a milk since it was breakfast time – and yes, WHOLE milk. Suck on that, doctor-who-yells-at-me-about-everything!

The hoagie arrived and it was much larger than I anticipated. Thankfully, it was also delicious. It came on a home-made hoagie roll that was perfectly soft and in two 5-6 inch sandwiches. Yikes. Frankly, it wasn’t anything that many places wouldn’t offer on a menu, but the home-made and super-soft hoagie roll made it much better. Plus with a little Chalula sauce on it, it was a fantastic breakfast. Knowing now that the cheesesteaks come on the hoagie rolls I just had makes me want to come back and order a philly cheesesteak.

There was a cute mexican family having breakfast and one of the really small children began crying. One of the old guys in the restaurant flipped out and yelled at the mother. I mean YELLED directly at her, "KNOCK OFF THE SCREAMING KID S$*t!!!!" He was an atrocious old man and secretly wished he'd choke on hie breakfast. The family took care of the child and got her to stop crying, but the guy was king of the d-bags this day.

And of course, now that I ate that, I was ready for a serious nap. Unfortunately, I had a three hour drive in front of me with a time deadline and I couldn’t nap. So instead we went to the beach and checked out the Atlantic Ocean. You really DO need to do that when you’re that close. It’s worth it.

Thanks for a fantastic visit to Stuart, Florida, LBJ. I had a great time and owe you big for your couch space and girly drinks!

Not enough for a Top 5 list, but suffice it to say it's pretty darn good.


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Jacob said...

You are very welcome. It was great to see you.