Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 489th Day Anniversary!!!

D.Rough is the best.

Friday, when she came home from work, she told me to pack my bag with a swimsuit, nice clothes, and a toothbrush. No questions. I had no idea what to expect. …Thankfully, her surprises are usually awesome!

She took us to a fancy hotel in downtown St. Paul (our second choice for a wedding venue), took me to a fancy dinner, we drank some fancy drinks, walked downtown for a bit, and we slept in extra late.

Thank you for always reminding me why I chose you. I don’t deserve how well you treat me, but I hope I can repay it over our next hundred years together.

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Lisa said...

You do deserve me, Mister. And here's to many more un-anniversaries to us! I love you :)