Wednesday, May 28, 2014

B&B Grocery, Meat, and Deli – Des Moines, IA

D.Rough and I tried to go to this highly-acclaimed deli in Des Moines the last time we were in town, but showed up right after they closed. When I was in town this past weekend, I decided to check it out. I’m glad I did. Totally worth the trip!

The inside of this place is part grocery store with all kinds of things, part deli/meat counter, and part restaurant. B&B has a lot of people going through it, but every one of the workers is happy and friendly and you don’t really wait in line at all. It’s pretty awesome. If you look confused enough, someone behind the meat counter will ask if it’s your first time and then start making recommendations. Not pushy or anything, they just want you to know about their specials and what’s good (besides everything). Be prepared to read a lot of signage, since they have a lot of things behind that counter. I'd suggest going past the longer deli case past the bulk meats and go to the skinnier deli case where there are more sandwich signs. Just a hint.

I had a tough time deciding between the breaded pork tenderloin and the Zach’s Killer sandwich. I LOVE tenderloins, but Italian meats were calling me this day and the Zach’s Killer has ALL of them. Mortadella, Salami, Italian beef, others I can’t even pronounce, provolone, banana peppers, giardiniera, and a bunch of other things. I had waited about one minute to get helped and then another three or four minutes to get my sandwich. I was in and out of there in five minutes on a Saturday at noon. That’s pretty impressive. And the prices are even more impressive. Ridiculously inexpensive sandwiches.

I’m also impressed with Iowa’s passion for creating sandwiches that will kill you. In this case, it’s the Killossal Sandwich. It’s basically four sandwiches piled into one. If you had a family of 6, this might be the route to go.

Also, they have corn dogs.

And now that I’m looking at their menu, they have everything you can think of. Sausages, corned beef, pastrami, catfish, roast beef, cheesesteak, cod filet, meatballs, liver cheese, chicken/ham salad, shrimp, chorizo, tacos, poppers, deviled eggs, chicken strips, and probably a whole bunch more you wouldn't even know about unless you ask.

The sandwich was pretty exquisite, in all honesty. I know it’s been voted Iowa’s best sandwich and now I know why. They don’t’ skimp on anything. The meat is absolutely delicious, the seasoning they sprinkle on is wonderful, and despite some vinegar and oil, the bread doesn’t get soggy. It’s an awesome sandwich and I’m looking forward to the next time I can go. I’ll make sure to bring D.Rough with me next time, however. She’s a sandwich connoisseur.

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