Monday, June 1, 2015

Taste of Scandinavia – Little Canada, MN

I wasn’t sure what to expect when D.Rough said we needed to grab lunch at Taste of Scandinavia. She remembered the place being a little Swedish store that had coffee and candy in it back in the day. But when we got inside, we were very impressed with everything they had to offer. I was also very impressed that all of the girls working there looked like there were Scandinavian – tall, fair skinned, and long braided blonde hair.

There are tons of things in the display cases – everything from desserts, cakes, and cookies, to soups and sandwiches. Then the menu boards have even more options. It isn’t easy to figure out what you want from here. D.Rough and I decided we need to split a couple of things. We got an order of Swedish meatballs and also a Norwegian Chicken Lefse Melt. I really wanted to get soup, but I’d have to wait until the next trip here. They all looked so good!

The Swedish meatballs were some of the better ones I’ve had (sadly, I’ve had a lot of Swedish meatballs in my day). Sometimes they can be bland tasting with no seasoning, but these had actual flavor even in addition to the flavoring in the gravy that they’re coated in. They were served on some delicious lingonberries and mashed potatoes, which made the whole thing heavier than I expected them to be. Really quite good. (but now it’s nap time…)

The Chicken Lefse Melt was so much better than I expected it to be. There was chicken, red pepper, spinach, mushrooms and multiple cheese inside of this thing. IT was really too big and messy to be eaten like a sandwich, so I attacked it with a fork. Oddly enough, the little dish of salsa provided with the wrap made the whole thing pop. I really enjoyed this completely heavy sandwich a lot. The lefse/potato pancake was cooked perfectly and even had a bit of sweet flavor to it. Great sandwich!

Looking forward to our next trip back here. Especially now that I know what to expect. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be getting one of the many soups they have there. Hooray!

Top 5 things about Taste of Scandinavia
1. Norwegian Chicken Lefse Melt
2. Swedish Meatballs
3. All of the soups look delicious
4. Much bigger menu than expected
5. Everyone is so nice here!

Bottom 5 things
1. Even the light things are heavy here
2. From the outside it looks like a tiny coffee shop
3. Couldn’t have wine because we were going to grandma’s house
4. My stomach isn’t big enough to try everything on the menu in one sitting
5. We went there to get D.Rough a coffee, but we were so distracted with the awesome food that we forgot to get her some coffee!

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