Monday, August 10, 2015

Lucy Ethiopian – Boston, MA

D.Rough had to attend a conference in Boston, so I tagged along. That also meant that I got to eat a bunch of food I wouldn’t normally have access to. We headed out to Lucy Ethiopian with her coworker JanYAAAY, since it was only a 10-block walk. We also found out the restaurant name comes from the earliest known human being (found in Ethiopia) – cool factoids!

We all love Ethiopian food, so it was pretty easy to decide what we should eat. We ordered a large vegetarian sampler and an order of Lega Tibs (super seasoned beef chunks mixed with peppers and onions). The sampler always satisfies our need to eat every kind of vegetable imaginable, so we knew we’d be in good hands. Speaking of “hands”, this is the kind of food you eat with your hands (or with Injera bread), not silverware.

The food arrived pretty quickly and we dove in. Seven different vegetarian piles, including lentils, potatoes, spinach, salad, and some other random veggies. (I looked it up on their menu - miser wot and timatim fit fit with your choice of five vegetarian dishes - kik aletcha, spinach, gomen, tikile gomen, dinch wot). Some of these have some heat and some of them were pretty mild, but thankfully, ALL of them were delicious! The meat has amazing flavor, as well, but surprisingly, it isn’t the main focus of the dish. Everyone was really happy with this food and I have a feeling we would all eat there again.

I don’t have enough to put together a Top 5 list, but it’s a pretty safe bet anything you get here is going to be fantastic.

Lucy Ethiopian Café
334 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

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Doc Railgun said...

Why can't you have Ethiopian in the Twin Cities - Google seems to think there are several.