Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Germany – Day 3 – Bad Nauheim

When I walked to the conference the next morning, I realized the creepy walk in the park during the pitch black night was actually an stunningly beautiful 1 mile walk in a park past a pond and golf course and past a stream and up a dirt path in the woods. 

Conference, Conference, Conference….

The evening reception involved drink tickets and unlimited food. I accidentally ended up with an alcohol-free beer, which was a waste of a ticket and of my time (but not to worry, the bar took cash, as well).

The reception may have also involved a segway obstacle course. Which, after a few rounds of alcohol-full beer, sounded like a great idea. Thankfully, there are no evidence pictures of me riding these insane contraptions steered by wizardry.

Finally, a beautiful walk through the creepy park back to the hotel to find that vending machine…