Friday, June 3, 2016

Germany – Day 4 – Bad Nauheim

The next day, conference, conference, conference…

I said good-byes and headed back to the hotel for a nap. It was a long day. I slept later than I wanted, and sprung into action to try to get dinner before places closed. The bar I ended up at first had just stopped serving food, but they sent me to a nice pizza place down the street. 

Adria Ristorante was just what I needed. My German is bad enough that the person got confused at what I was asking. But my Italian is slightly better and the woman working was amused that I was able to converse in Italian with her much better than I was in German. Hahaha.

I ordered a Solo Mio pizza (yes a whole one) and a beer. They brought out a small bruschetta appetizer for me which was a really good representation of how good the food was going to be.

The pizza came out a short while later and smelled wonderful. Spinach, salami, and garlic (and cheese, obviously). I had to eat the first few bites with a fork until it cooled off enough to pick up like a normal person. This was a great pizza. I ate the entire thing and impressed the Italian lady working there. She pressured me pretty good to get some grappa, but I declined. I still had to make it home from a part of town I was very unfamiliar with. Although, after eating that entire pizza, I needed to walk as far as possible. It ended up being a few miles in the dark, late at night. Hey, I’m still alive, so it worked out well, right?

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