Thursday, October 6, 2016

Off-menu Monstrosity from Chipotle - The Quesarito

If you're bored sometime, google "menu hacks" and you'll find multiple lists of things you can order at restaurants that aren't on the menu, but that can either be assembled by the line workers or by you. It's great fun to be horrified at some of the things that people have come up with. What's even more fun is going to a restaurant with a like-minded friend and eating those monstrosities.

I've done a few of these culinary adventures with various people, but I know that my co-worker #1Fan is always up for abusing his stomach. We've eaten the Land-Air-Sea Burger and the McGangbang at MacDonald's a while back and we were due for another one of these. This time... Chipotle!

The Quesarito was our target. Picture this: a burrito from Chipotle is delicious, right? What if you took the tortilla and made it into a quesadilla filled with cheese and then wrapped that burrito with it? Brilliant! Sometimes, if the integrity of the thing isn't secure, they'll wrap it with another tortilla to hold in the guts.

The best way to order this is to do it online before you go. I found this out when I called the store and asked how I pre-order this thing. The guy at the counter told me to go ahead and put in the order online and in the comment section, just say, "Make this a quesarito". They'll have it ready for you when you arrive and it doesn't slow down the line too much during a lunch or dinner rush. I worked splendidly! They were ready just after we arrived and paid for our burritos. Magic.

The thing is pretty fat. It's the size of a Yorkie, we decided. It's difficult to get your hands around it, but surprisingly, it held together the entire way through. Very impressive. The first bite or two is mostly tortilla. The folds at the end add up, so you have to power through the first two bites before you hit the innards. Then you're in heaven. The amount of cheese is monumental and worth the first two tortilla-full bites.

We actually thought these weren't going to be that filling, but we forgot about the double or triple amount of cheese. While we were both pleasantly full, it truly wasn't a challenge to get this thing finished. In fact, we discussed how we could bump up the challenge for next time. We've got some horrific ideas, if you were wondering. Thankfully, this thing was really tasty (like all Chipotle burritos are), and I'd definitely order this again. Totally worth it. (sometimes place upcharge you for the additional tortillas, and sometimes they don't. Just shut up and pay whatever they tell you. It's going to range from the price of a regular burrito up to the price of a full burrito AND a full quesadilla - there's no set price, so be ready to pay whatever they ask. You're totally inconveniencing them, so be thankful you got one at all. 

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