Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Comet Café – Milwaukee, WI

I’d been to a pretty awesome breakfast place in Milwaukee with FunHater and Chicken Little and Rat City Roller Girls – the Comet Café. It’s kind of a punk rock diner that caters to vegetarians and such. With Callous-un’s love of things without parents, I tried to make things easier for her by picking places she could eat.

We waited a bit for a table and checked out the variety of people. Families with kids, tattooed and pierced folk, hipsters, and people with giant beards. We checked out the small breakfast menu and decided on a couple things. I went with the Bacon Pancakes. Callous-un thought the Breakfast Burrito sounded good. The waitress told her they had just run out of ranchero sauce, but they could just throw on some extra pico de gallo (vegetarian cat-nip).

We waited a bit for our food and were simply whelmed when we saw it. Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed. The pancakes were large, but it was hard to see the bacon in the two large pancakes and the breakfast burrito actually looked like it was missing the ranchero sauce. Visibly missing something with color.

The pancakes were decent. The bacon pieces were hidden on the bottom of the pancakes and I wish there had been more pieces. The flavor was good, but I’ve never been a huge fan of eating a monstrous stack of puffy bread with syrup. I actually got bored eating about halfway through.

The breakfast burrito did have extra pico de gallo (which means extra onion) on it. It had a lot of onions at the end that Callous-un started, but when I ate a few bites from the other end, it was full of cheese and no onions at all. I was happy with my end of the burrito (twss). Sadly, Callous-un was less than impressed with this breakfast. I was really surprised this meal wasn’t as good as it has been previous times. On a positive note, the hashbrowns were really quite good.

My previous trips to the Comet Café were good, so I’m hesitant to steer people away from this place. So I’ll suggest you give it a shot and see if you’ve been as happy as I have been the PREVIOUS times.

Top 5 things about Comet Café
1. Hashbrowns
2. Waitress was super helpful and perky
3. Bacon makes everything better
4. This place is non-smoking – wurd
5. Previous experience at this restaurant mandates I put this in the positive section of the list…

Bottom 5 things
1. Small breakfast menu
2. Breakfast Burrito without ranchero sauce
3. Bacon pancakes should have more bacon
4. Non-uniform burrito filling is a little misleading
5. I think I may have ruined Callous-un on the Comet Café. Bummer

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Mark this date, Chao reports: "I actually got bored eating [...]"

The world IS ending in 2012.

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