Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi-Fi Café – Milwaukee, WI

I knew about the HiFi Café in the Bayview area of Milwaukee for a couple of years because FunHater’s girlfriend Tank was a co-owner of the small coffee shop. I knew the HiFi had breakfast as well (not sure what time that stops, but I knew they had breakfast). And it was a safe bet there were vegetarian options since Tank is a veggie, herself. We headed over to the HiFi to check things out. (Note we forgot Wisconsin hasn’t gone to non-smoking establishments yet, so this place can sometimes be a little smoky. It wasn’t too bad this time around, thankfully.)

The counter girl took our order and told us she’d bring out our stuff when it was ready. I got a three-egg ham and cheese omelet (since 2010 is the “Year of Three”) (dang, I should have gotten three insides too!) with some wheat toast, and yeah, a milk – what about it? It does the body good. I can’t remember for the life of me what Callous-un got. It’s a safe bet it didn’t have meat, though.

The omelet was really good, much better than our previous breakfast at the Comet Café, thankfully. Real cheese (it IS Wisconsin, after all) on the thing and plenty of ham. I was really happy with this omelet and it filled me right up. Which was a bad thing, since we knew today was going to be a significant eating adventure. We were running out of time and still had multiple restaurants on Callous-un’s iron-clad agenda.

I’ll skip the top 5 list on this one, but it’s a fun little coffee shop (although a little slow the morning we went…)

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