Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taco Bell’s Cantina Taco

I like to review all the new products Taco Bell launches. Despite the severely limiting factor that this new Cantina Taco contains ZERO bacon, I tried it anyway. For those that don’t know, I’m biased – I LOVE Taco Bell. Additionally, I think the people in the product development department do wonderful things in the test kitchens. I am rarely disappointed with the new things they try (especially the things with bacon on/in them…), so keep that in mind.

I hadn’t seen a ton of advertising for this new taco, but I got the impression it was an attempt at simple bar/street tacos like you get in Mexico. Nothing fancy. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest with you. Two warm corn tortillas with Carnitas (pork), grilled chicken, or steak. Then topped with lettuce, cilantro, and chopped onions. It comes with a sliced lime to squeeze on your taco and everything comes wrapped in foil, like you’d get from a street vendor. It didn’t sound very lively to me, but it was worth a shot.

I was proven wrong. These things are very simple, but very good. You can taste each of the flavors and it’s not TOO much, like some of their other items. I’m sure they’re not considered light or healthy, but they’re pretty delicious. I’d get these again. And they have a three-taco-sample-pack (which sounds dirty when you say it out loud).

It also has to be noted that while eating these tacos in the car during my lunch break, the car parked next to mine had a Tears for Fears CD on the seat. Not in the back seat in a pile of old music from the bottom of the closet. But in the front seat like it was being coddled and fondled and studied and buckled in for safety reasons. Scary. And hilarious.

NickNamer and Pul-Chevy, I can’t wait to hear your reviews of this new Cantina Taco.


Sarah Richie said...

I ordered a carnitas one and they gave me a chicken. i ate it anyway. It was pretty good

Matt said...

all right, i grabbed one today, and i completely agree that it's a very tasty item. i did the pork one so we'd be comparing apples to... i mean, pork to pork (and i'm not talking about swords). i'm a sucker for cilantro and lime on things (rice, steak, Kevin), so the odds were stacked that i'd like it, but i was genuinely surprised as to how damn good it was. i mean... taco bell... making something almost authentic. it's something i'll get again. i got a gordita supreme, 5-layer burrito, the cantina taco, a bag of doritos, and a pop (free refills of course) for $5.05. word. oh, and i saw jan the librarian too.