Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cookie Dough Cheese Ball – Maplewood, MN

I’m generally non-committal about holiday cheese balls. You know, those ones with crappy orange pub cheese rolled in walnut pieces and brought to work or to people’s houses you don’t like? I now proudly stand by the fact that I have now had TWO life-changing cheese balls. The first was a cheese ball I made of Spam and brought it to work to horrify people. (It worked…) The second was made by D.Rough’s sister Hermana for their family’s holiday get-together. It was a Cookie Dough Cheese Ball.

Yup, basically a sphere-shaped heaven.

She, in fact, made two Cookie Dough Cheese Balls – one with nuts and one without nuts. The recipe involves a bag of chocolate chip cookie dough mix (I’ve never seen this, but I’m sure I could use a tube of my favorite refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough instead), a handful of butter (not an exact measurement) and a handful of cream cheese (probably a more exact measurement than you’d expect). Mix together, roll into a ball, and chill.

Hermana served this up with Nilla Wafer cookies – awesome – and also small pretzels – for those who like the salty sweet combo. She knew for sure I would like it since D.Rough and I went to Cookie Dough Creations when we went to visit Hermana this past Fall.

Seriously, this ball is one of the best ideas ever. AND it was delicious!!! I come from a long line of cookie dough eaters and all of them were angry they hadn’t thought of it. But they were even more angry that I was eating it and they weren’t at that exact moment. Hahaha, suckers.

Thanks for the awesome dessert, Hermana! ¡¡¡Muy Apreciado!!!

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