Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burger Moe’s – St. Paul, MN

I had wanted to try burger Moe’s since the place opened last year. I drive by it all the time since it’s right near the Xcel Energy Center downtown. From the outside, it looks like a fun place, and the online menu looked like it was going to be a winner. I met SecretMeat, Cumulus, Smallz, and Jer there before the Minnesota Rollergirls League Championship bout.

The place is pretty lively inside and much nicer and more spacious than I thought from the outside. The menu is also pretty serious once you get inside. It took me quite a while to decide on what I wanted, but it finally came down to getting the Lamb Kofta Burger. I even left the Kalamata olives on there just to make sure I got the genuine article. Smallz got some wings, Cumulus got a peanut butter and jelly shake (yes, you heard that right), and SecretMeat got the Santa Fe Burger. I also needed to do some pre-drinking since drinking at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium isn’t the cheapest thing in town. They had Blackthorn in cans, so that would definitely hit the spot.

The food didn’t take that long to arrive, considering it was a game night for both roller derby and the men’s lacrosse team (Minnesota Swarm) and the place was pretty well packed. The food comes out in wire baskets lined with newspaper print. Actually, it’s fake newspaper and more like wax paper with newspaper printing on it. Probably easier to clean up and less grease soaking through.

My burger was quite good. The feta cheese complemented the lamb meat very well. The olives made the whole thing really salty, but I’m still not a fan of olives at all. And the whole thing had Tzatziki sauce on it, so it was wonderful. Really good burger and plenty large enough to fill me up. Plus, it arrived with two slices of cucumber on top, which is the best garnish I've ever seen. I got good reviews on the Santa Fe burger (cheese, salsa, and avocado), but I didn’t want to try the sweet potato fries that SecretMeat got – it would have ruined my plain fries and I wasn’t in a fry kind of mood. I would just be content with the regular fries – which were… uh… regular. The peanut butter and jelly shake sounded like it was just weird enough to be good, despite sounding horrific. It sounded like the wings were just alright and nothing to write home about (which I’m technically doing, I guess). I didn’t get word from Jer on how his food was, which is why I don’t remember what he got. Jer’s kind of quiet.

I’d definitely go back to Burger Moe’s again. This time, I’ll take D.Rough with me and we can try one of their many burgers or maybe even get adventurous and try something not burger-related. We’ll see. Everything they have looks pretty good. (Plus, they have waffle fries – which I know D.Rough is a serious fan of.)

Thanks, Moe.

It’s difficult to do a top 5 when I only got a burger. Sorry, rating-lovers. Suffice it to say, it was good.


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Tim said...

I just want to say that I love your Blog. You have pointed out more restaurants that I would have never known about just by reading your Blog every day! For that, I thank you. I work in Shakopee and have tried many restaurants I would never step foot in otherwise.

Mort's for the only place in MN you can get a Kentucky Hot Brown (and a damn good one for that) and Moe's for a Lucy!