Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cupcake – Minneapolis, MN

D.Rough and I had cause to celebrate on a Saturday afternoon, so we stopped by someplace she had wanted to go for a few months now. Cupcake is a cute little cupcake bakery that makes a ton of different kind of cupcakes with fun toppings and even more fun names. Even the door handles of the store are fun and made from large wisks! The kitchen in back is completely visible, so you can see like 10 people back there making and frosting these crazy things. It’s lots of fun to watch.

We had trouble deciding, since there were so many, but I finally decided on the Trademark cupcake and D.Rough got the Mad Cow. I needed a smoothie of some sort, as well, so I got a Kiwi Banana smoothie and D.Rough got a tea to drink.

We went out and sat on the patio and cut the cupcakes in half so we could share.

The Trademark cupcake is a vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate mousse and then covered with frosting, orange sprinkle balls, and blue frosting writing that says “cupcake”. I’m not a cupcake connoisseur or anything, but it was pretty darn delicious. There wasn’t nearly enough chocolate mousse in this one, but I was still pretty happy with it.

Sadly, D.Rough’s Mad Cow was MUCH better than mine was. Hers was a serious chocolate cupcake covered with cream cheese frosting and three milk chocolate disc thingies. The cupcake was really soft and flavorful, and the frosting was top notch and not crunchy like some I’ve had. Excellent flavor.

I even found the bathroom entertaining (no, pervs, not in THAT way). The bathroom is painted fun colors and has old baking pans bolted to the wall instead of paintings. I’m no expert, but I think there are hot dog and hamburger bun pans. They were about that size and shape, so fel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

D.Rough thought Cupcake was pretty good, though no claims that it was the best. She actually IS a connoisseur of cupcakes, so she’d know better than I. That being said, I’d still go out on a limb and recommend this place. It has a really fun feel to it and there’s a cool antique store in the same building that we walked around and found awesome things in.

Too short of a trip to give a top 5, but I’d go here if I were you.

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Bill Roehl said...

The best bathroom is on the second floor where it reminds you of a 1920s high school--grime and all.