Saturday, June 18, 2011

King's Place (Take 2) - Miesville, MN

I surprised D.Rough with a road trip to Miesville, MN. It’s basically Hastings/Red Wing, so it isn’t actually BY anything. You have to MEAN to go to Miesville. I’d been to King’s Place once before, with my friend Ruby Vita, and had wanted to go back ever since.

The place has a large dining room (multiple dining rooms in fact), and a large bar. We sat down in the main dining room and got a couple of menus. I knew the list of burgers was extensive, and I also knew that it takes forever to decide which one I actually want because of this. It was a long time in deciding for both of us, but we ordered some fried cheese curds since we knew for sure THOSE were needed.

I wish this menu was online so I could stew over it before I get to the restaurant and have to decide under pressure. It isn’t, so I’ll include some photos here of what you’ll be in for.
Honestly, the toppings aren’t weird or bizarre – they’re just combined in weird ways. MANY different ways – Over 50, in fact. I decided on the Curve Ball –a burger with a fried egg, American cheese, ham, and waffle fries. I also upsized the burger from ¼ pound to ½ pound. That’s how I roll (and why I have rolls). D.Rough got the Garden burger since she was in the mood for something slightly healthier than most of the burgers on the menu.

The curds were delicious. Actual cheese and plenty of batter. The fryer appears to work wonders. I’m guessing anything you order that touches that fryer is going to be fantastic. I’ll see what I can do to test that theory.

The burgers came out. Mine, of course, looked gargantuan compared to D.Rough’s. But it was awesome. The fried egg was what tied it all together. It was runny without being sloppy. It didn’t drop down the front of me, just a little on the plate. It was top notch, I tell you. Great quality burger patty. The ham and cheese went perfectly well together, as did the waffle fries that were on it. It was basically a four course meal on a bun. Stellar.

D.Rough said her burger was really good. She didn’t rave about it or anything, but then again, most of her burger was healthy – that’s the penalty for eating healthy. And yes, I’m kidding. Veggies are fun too – especially deep fried ones, which we didn’t order. She was pleased with her burger and when I mentioned coming back to King’s Place for a Miesville Mudhens game, she didn’t have a problem with it at all. That’s a good sign.

If you get a chance, head to Miesville. The people working at King’s Place are fantastic, you won’t go hungry (although it will take you an hour to decide what you want), and you can catch a minor league ball game across the street when you’re through. Brilliant!

Top 5 things about King’s Place
1. Curve Ball (burger)
2. Cheese curds
3. Waffle fries can be put ON a burger
4. ½ pound upsize potential
5. Wonderful staff

Bottom 5 things
1. We had to rush back and couldn’t stay for the Mudhens game that had just started across the street – but we DID miss the rush crowd!
2. No Dew
3. It seriously is in the middle of nowhere, Minnesota
4. RubyVita is going to yell at me for going here without her (I’m not scared, I can take her in a fight)
5. I said this last time – they need some sort of slide sampler platter where you can get 3 or 5 of these things.


Bill Roehl said...

I <3 King's but The Nook overtook them with the Nookie Supreme.

I really need to get back to King's though. Mmm.

Ruby James Vita said...

WHAT WHAAAT??!?! :-)