Sunday, August 5, 2012

3rd Annual Dr. Herman’s .10K Triathlon – Minneapolis, MN

For three years now, Dr. Herman and HB have hosted one of the most talked-about events in Minnesota (well, maybe the Twin Cities) – the .10K Triathlon. I had the honor of helping make this event happen this year and wince we’re trying to go big time with this event in 2013, we thought we’d better step it up a notch and make it as professional event as possible. I think we did pretty well.

If you don’t read closely enough, you’ll miss the small period at the beginning of the 10K. It’s a POINT 10K. Think about what this means. That’s .1K, since the zero isn’t necessary. Here, we’ll help you with the conversion. 1K is 3280.84 feet. This means .10K is 328 feet. Really. That’s how far the entire triathlon is. So we’ve had to modify the events. We still include biking, running, and swimming, but we’ve shrunk it down to fit the smaller format.

Here are some photos and video of the event.

As you can see, we have a good time. You don’t see many people NOT smiling. Everyone is having a blast.

Here’s what it looks like from the participant’s point of view. If you get motion-sick easily, you may not want to watch this one. It’s pretty bouncy and shaky. But, clearly, I'm not the fastest runner. Not even close. However, I WAS in the lead after the first race (and technically the second race, too).

Here are the top 3 leaders from each division.

1st place: Brian Cole, 16.6 seconds
2nd place: Kade Almendinger, 17.1 seconds
3rd place: Eric "Taco" Jensen, 17.4 seconds

1st place: Amanda Richardson, 21.2 seconds
2nd place: Katie Sisneros, 21.5 seconds
3rd place: Ashley Krohn, 21.9 seconds

Chao Eng, Eric "Taco" Jensen, Dan "Doc" Herman: 19.72 seconds

Margaret Martin, Amanda Richardson, Katie Sisneros: 22.78 seconds

We handed out trophies and everything. Winners could get their photos taken with Michael Jordan, as well! Bonus! And yes, my team did take first in the Men's Relay event. Suck it, other participants! (I just like to smack-talk, I don't really mean it.)

I know it’s 11 months away, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. It’s going to be bigger and better than 2012. By bigger, I mean more people, it will still be 328 feet. But it will be 48.2% more awesome!

(Big thanks to Matt Pul-Chevy and Meredith Westin for many of the photos here. I took video, and realized I had almost no still shots. Appreciated!!!)


Anonymous said...

Good god. How much fun was that?!? Brilliant idea for a good time.

s said...

Ha! Now that's my idea of a triathlon.

Chao said...

It is an absolute blast. Really. We look forward to it every year and know that it's going to produce hilarious photos and videos every time.

And yes, it's the only Triathlon I'd be able to finish. But telling people at work that you did a triathlon over the weekend really impresses some people... hahahaha

Matt said...

i'm having blast-off withdrawl.