Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Valley Pastries – Golden Valley, MN

It was disc golf Saturday, and I was driving all the way across the Twin Cities to play the course in Plymouth. When these longer drives occur, I try to find a good place to stop along the way, so I can bring the guys the nourishment they need to make it through a round of disc golf. Donuts always hit the radar first. Valley Pastries was close to the course and I could still make it before the round started. Perfect.

The shop is in a small strip mall in the Western suburbs. It’s a pretty small shop, but the cases are full. One case is mainly donuts, the other is mainly cookies. I ignored the cookies and focused on the donuts. There were a bunch that I wanted to try, but I knew if the guys didn’t eat what I brought, I’d be eating the left overs. I had to pick wisely. The ladies behind the counter were very friendly and got me taken care of without any problems at all. Super nice.

I got a glazed apple-filled donut and a raspberry jam filled bismark.

I also got a chocolate raised donut and a maple frosted cinnamon roll.

And I finally asked what these huge donut hole looking things were. They were, in fact, huge donut holes. Biggest donut holes I’ve ever seen. You weren’t going to be popping these bad boys into your mouth. They were like two- or three-biters. Here's a photo so you can see the scale.

Fortunately, all of these donuts were really good. Better than average and I’m glad I popped in there. They were moist without still tasting of grease, like some places. The fillings were fresh tasting and I’d be happy to go back here anytime I head that direction. The only downside was they didn’t have milk in the cooler to drink with your donuts. Just water and sodas. Not to worry though, there’s a gas station within walking distance if you HAVE to have milk with your donuts.

Valley Pastries
2570 Hillsboro Ave. N.
Golden Valley, MN 55427

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