Saturday, August 4, 2012

R.A. MacSammy’s Food Truck – St. Paul, MN

It’s food truck Wednesday! I saw on Twitter that R.A. MacSammy’s was going to be at Mears Park in downtown St. Paul. That’s the truck that has eluded me for a number of months of going to Food Truck Wednesday in St. Paul. It’s a Mac n Cheese food truck. Brilliant idea!

While waiting for Sithlet and Garrison to arrive, I scoped out the offerings of all the food trucks at the park, but I pretty much knew I was going with the mac and cheese. There are a couple of offerings on the menu, obviously all of them are based around mac n cheese or at least cheese itself. There was a broccoli spinach mac and cheese with a bacon vinaigrette that I almost got, but I was feeling like building my own. Basic mac n cheese price and then you add toppings from the list for $.50 each.

I decided to first ask if there was a limit to toppings – the man working said absolutely not. Whatever you want. That’s what I wanted to hear. I still felt bad, so I slimmed down my topping additions to brats, bacon, jalapenos, blue cheese, and broccoli. It sounded glorious. Thankfully, it was.

All the dishes are made to order, but it’s quick. It took just a few minutes for all of it to be assembled and work its way through the line of people waiting for their own orders. You have the option of having toasted bread crumbs on the top as a finisher if you want, and of course I did.

The cheese itself has a great flavor, but the toppings were really fun. Every bite, was a different combination of toppings. There was plenty there, as well. Sometimes when I do food truck Wednesdays, I get a little appetizer from one of the food trucks. I’m glad I didn’t do that today, I was stuffed at the end of this serving of mac n cheese. And I was really happy. I look forward to going to R.A. MacSammy’s again!

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