Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quesarito from Taco Bell – Eden Prairie, MN

Taco Bell’s newest creation is the Quesarito. It’s a burrito and a quesadilla rolled into one – literally. I had to check this thing out.

It’s got your choice of beef, chicken, or steak, and then Latin rice (which just has some green flecks in it), chipotle sauce, reduced-fat sour cream (which is handy, since you’d hate for this thing to push past 10,000 calories), and wrapped in grilled quesadilla with melted cheese. The cheese is there to make everything stick together.

I hate showing people the insides of the concoctions that Taco Bell creates, mainly, because they all look like a dirty diaper. That being said, you really need to unfold it to see what’s going on here. It’s a quesadilla wrapped in a burrito tortilla. There really isn’t any bad – unless you can’t do carbs or gluten (then there’s a bad).

Frankly, it’s delicious and very filling – thanks to two tortillas and Latin rice. There’s lots of cheese packed into here, though. Enough to kill a small child, certainly. So cut it into bites for said small child. Overall, the thing isn't as large as it looks in television commercials, but it's still a solid menu item. Again, as per usual, nothing mind blowing, but I feel like the test kitchens are really working for filling and palatable, rather than mind-blowing and appetizer-y. I’m not complaining, I assure you.

Nice work, Taco Bell test kitchen.

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