Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bad Movie Night (WTF Theme) – West St. Paul, MN

As many of you know, D.Rough and I like to host a Bad Movie Night occasionally and show horrible movies to our friends – mainly movies that no one should be able to find, let alone OWN. I do, however, own many of these films.

I wanted to host a night where I really pushed the envelope on people’s comfort levels. So warned people these movies would be pretty awkward, disturbing, horrifying, and bodily-fluid-filled. So, it was a WTF-themed Bad Movie Night.

The first movie was “Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS”. This is a film shot in the 70’s on the set of Hogan’s Heroes about a Nazi doctor named Ilsa. She does experiments on men and women and then tortures them in bloody and horrific ways.

The second movie was Takashi Miike’s “Vistor Q”. This movie is more suspense and oddity than it is traditional horror. There are a lot of bodily fluids in this one and some really gross disturbing stuff.

People were genuinely angry at these movies and appropriate bothered by them, so mission accomplished. I’ll make sure the next batch of bad movies are more FUN for people. But the best part of these Bad Movie Nights is the potluck food people bring based around the theme of the night. In this case, the WTF-theme encouraged people to think outside of the box and bring some really weird things for people to eat. I’ll list a few honorable mentions for the evening.

My own contribution was homemade mac and cheese (grandma’s recipe) but with hot dogs in it. Not too terribly weird, but I figured if people brought too many gross things, then I’d at least be able to eat what *I* brought.

D.Rough made a peanut butter, soy sauce, and garlic pizza with mozzarella cheese and sri racha and covered in peanuts. Actually, this ended up being fantastic and went pretty quickly.

LooseChange brought White Castle burgers and cheeseburgers, because seriously WTF is in those things?

Taco brought chips whose first letter spelled out WTF. Wavy – Tostitos – Fritos. Pretty creative, in my opinion.

SVB and Southpark brought dates filled with blue cheese and peppers. The note on them is pretty hilarious because I asked if that meant his date was “hot-ish”, which certainly got him scolded appropriately.

I give the honor of best food to Hüsker Stü. He brought the Snowplow Special – something he used to eat in his poor college days.

Thanks everyone for bringing odd food and yelling along with the movies. I’m already looking forward to the next Bad Movie Night!

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