Friday, January 9, 2015

Edley's Bar-B-Que - Nashville, TN

We got a recommendation from our Hattie B's Uber driver that we needed to go check out Edley's Bar-B-Que if we wanted some amazing stuff. That was all the encouragement we needed. We convinced a handful of people to come with us.

The place wasn't full, which was what we were worried about, but it was after the dinner hour, so it had begun to clear out. When I get ribs, I always get a half slab - this time was no different. Half slab with collard green and some mac and cheese. Old school.

The place has a full bar, so you can get anything you want, so most of us ended up getting adventurous with the local brews.

The food came out pretty quickly, as much of it is already made and just has to be finished off. The ribs are dry rubbed and then finished with sauce before serving. The sauce was rich and hearty, but not vinegar-y. I loved it. Great smoke flavor, without being fake, and the amount was just right - not swimming in sauce. The meat was amazingly tender with almost no gristle at all.

The collard greens were really good. I'd just had some amazing collard greens recently, but these were good. No complaints. A little bit of spice and good flavor. I'd get these again.

The mac and cheese was good. Not the best in the world, not the worst. No gritty cheese or anything, so I liked it. It also didn't taste like cafeteria cheese, which means there was more than minimal effort put into them. I appreciate that above all else.

This place was fantastic. I think everyone was happy with their food and the beer people were even happier with the tap selection at the bar. This place has everything.

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