Monday, January 12, 2015

The Golden Hind - London, UK

D.Rough sent me a list of a couple of places with notable food while I was in the UK for work. One of the places she recommended won a lot of fame for being a very traditional fish and chips shop in the city. It was within a half hour walk and I needed to get out and stretch my legs after a long day of work - done!

It's a pretty straight forward menu. A couple of fish things and some little appetizer-y type things. I simply ordered fish and chips. The server asked which kind of fish (they have cod and haddock). I told him whichever most people think is the best. Seemed pretty easy. Oh yeah, and an Orange Fanta.

The fish was enormous. (It was the cod.) Much larger than I even expected. And, it was delicious! Thick breading that tasted like breading and not grease. Very thick peace of very flaky fish. You could taste the fish, as well as the breading. I like that they didn't add any bells and whistles to this dish - THAT's the reason it's been making headlines.

The chips (fries) were pretty straight forward. Great fried crunch on them without being overcooked.

I'm glad D.Rough recommended this place. It wasn't expensive and was exactly what I needed.

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